Top 10 PC Word Games - Word Puzzle Games for PC

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The List

What I love about word games is that they are eternally classic and is not only something I can enjoy but something that is applicable to everyone and anyone as well.

So I figured, I’d begin my first top 10 favorites with the word games.

10. Dungeon Scroll Gold Edition - cross an RPG game with a word game and what do you get? Dungeon Scroll. Basically, you get jumble of words and try to create as many words as you can in order to defeat your enemies. Its a refreshing take on word games and something I think young boys will love and parents will approve of.

9.Word Search Deluxe - one of the little pleasure I enjoy is sitting down on the couch, taking out my word search book and solving puzzle after puzzle. This game gives me that with just a click of the download button. Now I don’t have to go out to buy word searches when I can have limitless possibilities and combination with Word Search Deluxe

8. Merriam’s Websters Spell Jam - a great spelling game that’s entertaining for everyone. Pit your skills against family and friends and see who’s the spelling champion among your lot!

7. Merv Griffin’s Crosswords - try to test your skill with this crossword game that’s reminiscent to the Sunday crossword you and your relatives always try to solve. What makes this game different is the game show aspect of it, where you can battle it out with other players for the gold and glory

6. Boggle - who can leave out Boggle in a word game list? That won’t be me definitely. The PC version is very much the same as the classic where you mix up the tiles and try to create as many words as you can. The variations of course exists by there being medals, and game play differences where you can challenge the computer or players around the world.

The Cream of the Crop

5. Flip Words - this is a great game to play if you love variations. Form as many words as you can with a list of jumbled words available to you, and use the first letters of each word form to solve the word puzzle that is need to complete the level.

4. Scrabble - a Top 10 word game list wouldn’t be a top 10 word game list without this classic board game.

3. Hangaroo - A quick easy to set up Flash game where you try to save the Kangaroo from being - you guessed it, hanged. There are over a thousand words among a number of categories. Try and save the Kangaroo or you’ll be at the receiving end of his sarcastic repertoires.

2. Bookworm Deluxe - What I love about Bookworm is that it lets you keep playing and guessing. Its a bit difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find yourself creating words from jumbled pieces of letter. You’ll just never stop playing - from the lowly bookbinder to one of the testy bibliophiles. Where do you rank in the world of Bookworm?

1. Super Text Twist - One of the best anagram games out there.There are just so many words as there are limitless possibilities. Try and wrack your mind searching for that one final anagram word and cheer every time you do. Super Text Twist keeps you glued to the computer for hours on end and definitely makes my list as the best word game out in the market.

Well there you have it, my best of the best. Did any of your favorites make the cut?