Top Ten First Person Shooters for Windows PC: What Are Some Of The Best FPS Games for PC?

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My Top 10 FPS Games

I consider the following games to be my Top 10 First Person Shooter games for Windows PC. Because they were released over a span of more than fifteen years, I am listing them in no particular order. It just wouldn’t be fair to compare Doom II to Crysis. Both are equally fun and challenging, but represent the technology of the time period in which they were released.

Battlefield 1942 – If I were to actually number this list of games, I think BF: 1942 would be my number one pick. It is such a great game that people still play it today, and I consider it the standard by which I compare the online multiplayer aspect of all FPS games. This is a shooter set during World War II, and it features huge maps and a ton of weapons and vehicles.

Battlefield 2 – This sequel to BF: 1942 was so good that it actually got me to stop playing BF: 1942. It takes all the best elements of the first game, but places you in a modern setting with more up to date weapons and vehicles. It also added a ranking system for keeping up with your kills and weapons specialties.

Call of Duty – This is an awesome game set during World War II and it plays like an interactive movie. I normally don’t like these overly linear type shooters, which has always been my main complaint about the Medal of Honor series, but this one is so immersive that it surpasses the MoH games in all regards. It would spawn several sequels and is one of the more successful series of shooting games out right now.

Call of Duty 4 – This is the game that I gave up Battlefield 2 to play. The single player part is a lot like the earlier CoD games, but the online multiplayer aspect is a force to be reckoned with. I think CoD4 online is one of the most fun games I’ve ever played, and I still play this game almost every night. Unlike the previous CoD games, this one takes place in a modern setting.

Half-Life – I still remember the first time I played this because it was like being the main character in a really cool science fiction movie. You play a scientist working in this huge lab where some experiments go wrong and all of a sudden you are fighting off alien type creatures and soldiers trying to cover up what happened. This is one of the best single player games I’ve ever played, and it’s just as much fun online.

Doom II – This game pretty much revolutionized PC gaming when it was released. Sure, many people had played Castle Wolfenstein and the first Doom before, but this game just took off like crazy. Part of the appeal was that you could find hundreds of custom made maps online, and that the game worth keeping for a long time. I still remember how much fun it was to use a null modem cable to connect two computers via the serial port so that my brother and I could play. This was before Al Gore invented the Internet.

F.E.A.R. – This is the only PC game that has ever actually scared me. It literally gave me goose bumps. It’s a shooter with a supernatural element to it, and when some of the ghosts and things appear, it will really freak you out. The visual and audio aspects of this game are brilliant, and the action is relentless. I only played the online part a little, but found it to be quite fun, although the maps seemed a little small.

Unreal Tournament – This is an insanely fast shooting game where you play sort of an athlete in a giant shooting tournament. This game was meant to be played online, and it is incredibly fun. For many years, this was the game of choice at LAN parties all over the world. It has spawned a few sequels, and people still play it today. While many FPS games are dark and kind of gloomy, this game had a very bright and colorful look in some parts, plus the weapons were very cool.

Quake – This is the game that took Doom to a whole new level with incredibly brilliant graphics, plus the original game had a soundtrack made by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. Its creepy brown and gray level design inspired a lot of bad copycats, but this original was awesome in its day. It also took some good hardware to make it run properly, but it was worth the investment. I used to impress my friends by shooting rockets down long hallways and watching how it lit up the hallway as it moved.

Crysis – This was designed by the same team who made Far Cry, though I found this game to be a lot more fun whereas Far Cry was too difficult. In You play a soldier with an enhanced suit that lets you do feats of strength and utilize technology that normally wouldn’t be humanly possible. What I like so much about this game is that you actually have to develop a strategy before you attack the enemy, otherwise you won’t last five seconds. The graphics are amazing.

What about …? This is my personal list of games that I’ve actually played. I know many people might include the Rainbow Six or Ghost Recon games in this list, but I haven’t really played them enough to give an opinion. I’m not real big on those type sneak-and-shoot games, anyway. Also, I have yet to play Half-Life 2, though everyone tells me it would make this list if I did.