Star Wars Droids vs. Clones and Other Clone Wars Online Games

Star Wars Droids vs. Clones and Other Clone Wars Online Games
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Star Wars The Clone Wars

Despite the lackluster reception of the theatrical release in 2008, the Clone Wars television show has gained plenty of fans. Keeping the Star Wars universe alive, this show introduces new characters, locations, and conflicts, and is fun for fans both young and old. All that’s needed to complete your immersion in this world is the ability to play around in this universe on your own, to participate in the adventures you glimpse on the screen. These five games all allow you to step into the world of the Clone Wars, providing a variety of experiences but always true to the show that inspired them.

Droids vs. Clones

The stakes are clear from the start: you have three soldiers (droids or clones) and so does your enemy, and you must defeat your three opponents without losing all of yours first. There are up to ten rounds in a fight, and in each round you can move your soldiers and aim their weapons. You don’t know where your opponent will move during his or her own turn, so you have to think ahead and make some educated guesses. This game really rewards quick but careful planning, especially because you get less time for each round. A major plus is the ability to play against live opponents as well as the computer. If you opt for a live battle, you are matched with someone close to your own ranking, a number which goes up every time you win a battle. Either way, it’s a brief but rewarding diversion.

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Elite Forces: Clone Wars


In this simple but effective tactical game, you begin with a base and a set number of clone soldiers. You must take over your enemy’s base, and do so by overwhelming his numbers with your own. To accomplish this you can take over neutral bases to increase your soldiers faster, but be sure to get to as many of those bases as you can before the enemy does. There are a variety of maps, ranging from introductory to difficult, and the graphics are very effective. Gameplay is smooth, and to win you need both strategy and reflexes. In the end, this is a well-done game that provides more value that you might expect.

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Cartoon Network Games

The next three Clone Wars games can all be found on the Cartoon Network website. Since they are intended to inspire interest in the television show, they are of higher quality than most free online games.

Fierce Twilight


Reminiscent of scrolling arcade games like Space Invaders, Fierce Twilight is a surprisingly difficult space shooter. Arranged as a series of levels, this game lets you take control of the tiny ship the Twilight as it tries to make its way to its objective while dodging and shooting down enemy droid ships. At first the droid ships fly in relatively straight lines, but their behavior quickly becomes more erratic and complex, keeping you constantly guessing. There are a few power-up items to help you out, but for the most part you’ll have to rely on your own reflexes to keep yourself alive.

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Path of the Jedi


This is the most complex of the games on this list—a nicely done platformer. You can play as Anakin, Ahsoka, or Yoda, and choose from three missions that each involve a series of levels. You’ll fight droid enemies with your lightsaber and the Force while jumping from ledge to ledge, seeing more and harder obstacles as you make your way closer to your goal. There are powerups and objects in the environment to manipulate (boxes, etc.), and there’s even a bit of storyline. The graphics are very nice, and the gameplay is smooth and sure to please Clone Wars fans who want to relive the adventures of their favorite TV show.

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The Clone Wars Game Creator


Want to design your own Clone Wars game? Here’s your chance to create a game map your friends and other people can play online. You begin with a square area and add a main character, a background design, an objective, and various obstacles and items. The choices are fairly limited, but there are enough to make sure no two maps are exactly the same. In addition to creating your own game, you can also play other people’s maps, which range from simple to complex. This is a game that rewards thought and creativity, since a well-designed map benefits everyone.

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