The Top Ten Mmorpg

Top Ten List of Mmorpg

Continuing with the tradition of the top ten list, this time I bring the best Mmorpg that I have ever played, as every top ten list this list is subject to objectivity and by default my judgments, but still the main idea of this list is to share what are the best mmorpg and to generate debate if these games deserve to be here.

The List

1) Warcraft: The simplicity but yet with an interesting beauty this what all about this game; the success of this game was that contrary to everquest this one can be played on most of the computers worldwide because of less requirement in terms of memory of the computers.

2) Ragnarok Online: Amazing game, easy gameplay, it can run slow sometimes but is really catchy and with a good storyline.

3) EverQuest 2: Perfection as you could imagine in terms of computer graphics, really stunning but the debacle with this game is that not many computers can run it properly, I always say this game is the big brother of Warcraft because of the similarity in concepts of both games, but as Warcraft, this game is not well apriciate is the computer don’t match with the requirements.

4) City of Heroes: Really nice game, not much in terms of graphic but it can give to the player many hours of fun, but eventually the player will get bored. For a more complete review check on John Hewitt review.

5) Pirates of the Caribbean Online: Interesting but with a little replay value, the US$9.95 that cost the monthly subscription is not that worth of it, because if you don’t pay for it you can’t appreciate the coolness of the game and you will have advertisement with your free account.

6) ToonTown Online: Another Disney Game, simple not worth of playing, the graphics aren’t the bests and the missions can be repetitive most of the time, the catch of this game is the quirky sense of humor that can be appreciate it by almost anyone.

7) The Matrix Online: One of the best game ever but if you haven’t seen the movies and the shorts you won’t have idea about the history behind the game and about the chapter developments, I always say this game is for people who liked the movie and they want to know what happened after the movie ended. The graphics are really cool and the gameplay is really easy to catch.

8) RuneScape: It has an interesting concept and it can run on almost every computer, but it can turn dull if you are expecting a graphical advance videogame and the missions can be boring from time to time.

9) The Sims Online: If the Sims are a jewel, this game is a hex, although the intention were noble trying to utilize the popularity of The Sims, this game was a complete havoc because it didn’t had the charm of his offline counterpart, not giving objectives and the server was slow sometimes giving the sensation that the game was frozen.

10) NeoPets: Simple and Boring.