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Top 5 Search and Find Games in The First Quarter of 2009

by: Marie ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Check out the first round of releases for the first quarter of Search and Find Games in this article ranking the best 5 of the first quarter of 2009.

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    What are Search and Find Games?

    Ever heard of Where's Wally? What about ISpy games? That's basically what Search and Find games are. Over the course of the years, Search and Find games have become wildly popular among a lot of PC gamers, because of the challenge it presents as well as the overall appeal it has to the senses, WIth the inception of the Mystery Case Files series, Search and Find games have catapulted to the list of one of the most playable games on one's computer.

    There's no wonder why, even at the first quarter of the year 2009, already great Search and Find Games have been crawling out of the woodwork. This is where we eventually come in - the top 5 games of the Search and Find genre in the first quart of the year 2009! Hope you enjoy our picks!

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    Gunning for the Top

    The Wizard's Pen

    Search for the vanished wizard in this fun and spellbinding hidden-object adventure! Everything you need is in the workbook, but the thing is, the workbook is blank! Use his magic pen to find out the clues on each page. There are special challenges, mini games and bonus points awaiting the intrepid apprentice.

    The Wizard's Pen is a good game overall but it doesn't really scream 'buy me I'm the best search and find game in town', but it does however have its own moments. I like that it's not really always about the search and find anymore, but more on the story - that's when you know that it's going to be hit.

    Graphics aren't that bad - they do seem a little in need of patching up, but it's still OK. The Wizard's Pen really comes in handy when you're trying to play the game, but sometimes it seems more of a puzzle game than a search and find game, not that that's not good - but more so in the category of I want what I paid for.

    Still it is enthralling enough and might be worth the buy if you've already played the four games in this list.

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    Breaking Ground

    Can You See What I See?

    Clyde Curfuffle needs your help in getting the perfect gift for his niece and nephew. He's already got them but he forgot where they are! So use his dream machine to locate the gifts in time for his niece and nephew's birthday!

    As kooky and wacky as the scenario maybe (using a dream machine to find out where toys are? Really now.) the graphics are just as wacky, if not wackier. The dream machine takes you to different areas where, upon solving each place lets you find out codes and symbols you'll need to decode a part of Clyde's dream.

    It's actually a great and fun game, except for the small matter that well, some of the objects if not all of them are too small. It's really hard to find, say a blackbird when that specific blackbird is the size of a pea. Otherwise it would have been really cool. A great plus to this though, is the inception of "symbols" that you need to decode to figure out where the gifts are. These are actually fun and once played via the dream decoded can be quite interesting to play.

    All in all, Can You See What I See is a good game, capable of withstanding the test of search and find time. It will remained innovative and fresh - something that's very important in gaming and that's why it made it to the list.

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    Middle Point

    Mushroom Age

    Do you have what it takes to be a traveller in time and save both the future and the past? If you've got guts, try Mushroom Age and embark on a search and find adventure unlike any other! Go through pre-historics eras and meet the people who shaped the world.

    There are 21 chapters in the game, each one more interesting than the next, with livelier areas, more challenging quests and trickier clues to find. Starting off at the Laboratory where everything started, you'll be meeting the Professor Einbock, who suspiciously looks like Albert Einstein. As the fiance of the assistant who went missing, it's your responsibility to find out what the cause of the issue is!

    The game itself is kind of tricky because not only does it require you to play search and find games - but to actually apply logic while you're playing. So think of it as not just a search and find game but a puzzle/action game as well! These types of varieties really add to the design and innovation of a game, that's why Mushroom Age falls among the top 5 games of this quarter!

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    And the Silver Goes To...

    Mystery P.I. - The New York Fortune

    Rich people certainly are crazy aren't they? This New York billionaire is no exception! Upon his death, the billionaire's will was hidden to his family and if they don't find it within 17 hours - everything goes to the cat and dog! Literally! Help this poor rich family out and get to claim their rightful fortune as you trek around New York in search of the hidden will.

    Mystery P.I varies from a lot of search and find games in that it allows players the option to have timeless and limitless hints at their disposal. Not only that, but there is also the option of unlocking 2 sets of mini-games i.e Limitless playing and Spot the Difference

    The locations in this game are actually locations that a native New Yorker might know of - from Times Square to Central Park. Aside from that, once players have found sufficient items already, they can opt to skip and solve the required puzzle or keep on playing for more bonus points. It's certainly a good concept, one that a lot of players who really like to just get to the meat of the story, love to do. Which is partly why Mystery PI makes such a great Search and Find Game, really great in fact, that only one other game has beaten it so far.

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    The Cream of the Crop

    Adventure Chronicles

    Susan has just escaped an earthquake struck musuem and now she has the gift to go travel the world and explore places no one has ever seen before! Guide Ms. Anderson as she takes on the greatest treasures in the history of the world with this mind-boggling search and find game! Puzzles await you at every corner and with the special tools at your side, you can achieve anything! Adventure Chronicles seems to just burst with life and mystery and search and find fun!

    There are 5 treasures awaiting for you to discover them, Civil War Treasure, Napoleonic Treasure, Blackbeard's Treasure, Mayan Treasure and the Pharaoh's Treasure. Each area is riddled with hidden objects you need as long as some cool mini-games to solve. The graphics are awesome and really show intricate 3D design with the way the objects are created, you'll really feel like you're where you're supposed to be!

    As for the gameplay - Adventure Chronicles proves to be a challenging search and find game because it is, simply - not easy nor is it any difficult either. It really invites the players to think when they act and prove themselves worthy of finding these great treasures.

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