5 Reasons To Play PC Games

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The 5 Reasons…

So when it comes down to it, console games have been around just about as long as the PC games have.  But, PC games have come a long way from the Oregon Trail of the late ‘80’s.  They have now evolved into some of the most mind-bending, spectacular gaming experiences this side of virtual reality and offer millions of gamers all over the world a chance to escape from the grind of work and real life to just chill and play.  From solitare (which, by the way, is the most popular PC game of all time) to the fantasy worlds of the MMORPG’s, there are PC games out there for everyone.  But just why should you turn your attention, and your game time, to PC games?  Well, here are 5 great reasons that PC games rock and you should be playing them too…

Reason #1: PC games can take you to more places than console games.  There are millions of different PC games out there, and only thousands of console games.  With all of the millions of choices that you have when it comes to PC games, you can easily find several that tickle your gaming fancy and will have you addicted, just like the rest of us.  From plundering the high seas with Captain Jack to just racing your car down a dirt track, there is something for everyone and simple searches will find the perfect games for you.

Reason #2: You can take PC games more places.  Consoles are bulky, they require a tv, they require lots of cords, they require power outlets… I can go on and on…. yet, PC games only require a device that supports the game.  This can be a desktop, a laptop, a palm pilot, or even a cell phone!  There is no shortage to how you can take your favorite PC games with you on the go.  While console games have an answer to this, such as hand-held console games, you cannot simply download free games to them and hit the road.  You have to purchase special cartridge type games separately, that range from $15-50 each.  So, why worry about all of that when you can easily download PC games to any mobile device for free and head off?

Reason #3: PC games hook you up with other players around the world.  Just about every type of PC game out there on the market today will offer you some way of chatting or competing with other players around the globe - console games have a few that do this, but they all require special equipment first.  Your PC games only require you and your game.  You can easy play against other players, chat away while playing, and even team up to beat other players in your favorite games.  It doesn’t matter what type of PC games you prefer, if you love to compete, or just meet new friends, then PC games are the way to go!

Reason #4: PC games are much cheaper than console games.  Of course, there are exceptions to this, especially with the newest MMORPG games, like Age of Conan that currently costs $49.99 in the US.  But, 99% of all PC games cost at least 50% less than buying a new console game.  You can also find millions of games that you can play online for free - yep, even MMO games that rock just as much as Conan.  So, why would you want to waste your hard earned money on console games that you may simply get tired of in a few days?  With PC games, if you get tired of one, it’s easy to find another for the same price, cheaper, or even for free.

Reason #5: You can actually win money with online PC games.  And, no, I’m not even talking about the online gambling that is now illegal in the US.  There are many sites out there where you can compete for cash and prizes with other players and have fun playing your favorite games in the process.  One of my absolute favorites is https://www.king.com.  This site has just about every type of game that you could possibly want to play, plus you can play for free or for cash or prizes.  So, you can actually compete with other players around the world and win some cash.  While it might not be much cash, it’s still fun - and you don’t have to try like heck to get on a pro gamer console tour that few people ever do.

So, there you have it… 5 reasons why PC games rock and why you should be playing them.  For some great games that you can try out for free and play for free, you can visit https://www.alldownloadgames.com.  You can find any type of game you can think of here, in alphabetical order for each searching.  So, head over, find your favorite game, and get your game on!