Top 5 Best Video Game Trailers

Top 5 Best Video Game Trailers
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Video game trailers are pretty awesome things to watch. Finding out that a new game in a series that you’re a huge fan of is being made is a good feeling, but having it announced through a trailer is just so much better. Game trailers are either supposed to tease you, or help sell the game by showing off what it has to offer.

Other times, the developers like to deliver a bit of fan service by creating hilarious trailers aimed at either making fun out of itself or other games on the market. These jokes are almost always harmless, but regardless, they are often seen by many as the best video game trailers out there.

So get ready to fall off your chairs as you witness five incredibly funny video game trailers.

Battlefield: Bad Company - Snake Eyes

Battlefield: Bad Company was an FPS in an American vs. Russia scenario mixed with elements of humour. The game did extremely well as the Battlefield franchise is one of gaming’s most known shooters. It comes as no surprise that the main focus of the ad campaign – which saw everything from online trailers to TV commercials – was the comedy.

Anyone that’s played Bad Company knows exactly what I’m talking about; which brings us to the first incredibly funny trailer titled “Snake Eyes”. To watch it, follow this link. “Snake Eyes” features the main characters of Bad Company coming across Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid franchise hiding in a barrel. Not knowing what to do, Haggard decides to take a grenade launcher and shoot the suspicious looking barrel.

Team Fortress 2 - Meet the Characters

Team Fortress 2 is built off of comedy. Take a look at the gameplay, music, graphics, design; everything about Valve’s multiplayer-only game is just funny.


Valve have released quite a lot of trailers for Team Fortress 2, including the highly popular “Meet the…” trailer series which introduces viewers to a few of the playable classes found in the game.

Each trailer describes briefly what each character’s special abilities are, while ensuring to keep things on the funny side. This link will take you to a video showing all of them.

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Escalation Map Pack

Call of Duty: Black Ops on this list? Really? Yes, it is. Now I know you’re probably thinking that a game that’s so focused on creating explosive, cinematic events wouldn’t be the sort of game to try and make a hilarious trailer. Well, they did, for Black Ops' second map pack titled Escalation.


The video –which can be watched via this link – reintroduces viewers to the fast-food worker (pictured on the right) who first appeared on a TV commercial for Black Ops back before the game was available. Each of the five maps in Escalation are introduced through a menu.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Fight Against Grenade Spam

Grenade spamming. A lot of First Person Shooters suffer from players randomly chucking grenades into the air and hoping to get a kill. The problem with so many players grenade spamming in a match is that after a while there’s absolutely nowhere to hide from them. You need to be constantly checking around you to make sure there isn’t a grenade rolling towards you.


Modern Warfare 2 understands this, and back before the game was released, and so the developers –Infinity Ward– created a funny 50-second trailer about it. The video can be viewed via this link.

Bulletstorm - Last Call

Sometimes all it takes to make some of the best video game trailers is a parody of another game trailer. This was the case for Bulletstorm’s “Last Call” trailer which went viral in a matter of hours when it was released several months ago.


The trailer takes a jab at Halo 3’s “Believe” ad campaign where –in one of the videos– we saw a TV commercial showing a battlefield made completely out of toy soldiers in frozen positions completed with expressions which helped show a different side to the Halo franchise.

Bulletstorm creators People Can Fly and Epic Games decided to parody it, with “Last Call”. It follows the same concept but with, of course, not-so-serious parts to it. You can view it here.