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Five PC Games from the 1990`s That Are Still Worth Playing

by: Elton Gahr ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Although technology has advanced tremendously in the last decade some games are able to retain their quality and still remain fun even though modern games are often better looking, more complex and have far more resources for development. Here are a five games you can still play and enjoy.

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    Video games from the 1990's - Classic PC Games and Classic Video Games

    Video games are different from other forms of entertainment and art in one significant way. Technology advances very quickly and a game that used cutting edge technology a decade ago would be almost a joke today. This leads many people to overlook Classic PC games of the past. The difficulty is in finding them among many games that have simply been bypassed or vastly improved upon. Here are five classic video games that you can still pick up today, often very inexpensively, and enjoy.

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    The Secret of Monkey Island (1990)

    Monkey Island 

    There were a lot of great point and click adventures in the 1990's including Sam and Max and Day of The Tentacle but the best of them was Monkey Island and the Monkey Island series. In this series you take control of Guybrush Threepwood a young man who wants to become a pirate. There are a lot of great moments in this game such as the insulting sword fighting and the humor is still funny. Unlike many of the other games on this list there is a version of this game available with updated graphics but even without that it is still fun.

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    SimAnt (1991)

    SimAnt ScreenShot .

    SimCity was a huge advance in video game design and after it became popular a number of great games appeared. SimLife and SimEarth are both fun but perhaps the least known and most fun is SimAnt in which you can lead a colony of ants as you try to grow collecting food, fighting insects and even driving humans out of their home. Not the best of the Sim games but still a lot of fun to play even today.

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    Masters of Orion (1993)


    A strategy game similar in some ways to civilization. In this game you are an advanced race able to colonize planets and fight wars with spaceships. Similar to other 3x games you can build armies and expand quickly. What makes this so much fun is that you can design ships based on your technology not just pick from a set type. Much of this is based on miniaturization. More advanced technology takes less room on your ship. Things like black hole generators and planet destroying weapons late in the game make this a lot of fun.

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    Pizza Tycoon

    Pizza Tycoon 

    The market has been flooded with tycoon games and while many of them are fun Pizza Tycoon is still one of the best classic PC games. In this game you can create pizza, design the layout of your restaurants, take out loans and even work with the mob in order to try to make a profit in the cutthroat business of selling pizza. So while there are points of this game which have been done better since this is still a great game.

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    Colonization (1994)


    Colonization is a classic PC game made by Sid Meyer not long after Civilization. Colonization has a lot of similarities to its more famous predecessor but it is not Civilization. One of the major differences is that it has not been updated with improved games such as civilization which is why it makes this list rather than the original Civilization.

    In this classic video game you are the leader of a colony sent by one of four powers, the English, the French, the Netherlands or Spain. Each of these has a different bonus. In addition you can get more bonuses through the game by recruiting founding fathers which is similar to the government setting in Civilization V. You can interact with native Americans, the European powers and the other colonies trying to gain enough power to declare independence and fight a war of independence.