M-Rated Wii Games - Top Wii Games for Adults, Best Adult Games on the Nintendo Wii

M-Rated Wii Games - Top Wii Games for Adults, Best Adult Games on the Nintendo Wii
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Mature Wii Games - The Best Adult Games on the Nintendo Wii

When it comes to the game library on the Nintendo Wii, most of the choices don’t exactly appeal to adults. This is not such a bad thing if you bought your Wii for family entertainment, but sometimes the grown-ups like to enjoy the Wii after the kids have gone to bed. Here’s a look at some of the best Wii games for adults. These M-rated Wii games are for mature gamers only. The primary reason all of these are rated for adults is because of graphic bloody violence, plus some of them also have profane language.

No More Heroes

No More Heroes was one of the first M-rated Wii games I sought after buying my Nintendo Wii. I have read nothing but stellar reviews of this game and was fascinated by the idea of using the Wii remote to control a sword-like weapon to slash countless enemies. In this game, you play an assassin who is killing his way to the top of the corporate ladder within the mob syndicate for which he works. Basically, that means you have to kill a bunch of bad guys and then get to the boss. It’s very gory, has lots of profanity, and is one of the most in-depth and genuinely fun Wii games I’ve ever played. Hardcore Wii gamers are going to dig this one. The sequel, No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, was released in January 2010.

Resident Evil 4


You’d be hard pressed not to find the Wii version of Resident Evil 4 on most any ‘top 5 games’ list for the Nintendo Wii. This game and the way it is played are the reason why people bought into the Wii and its motion controls. This is a perfect example of how to do a proper shooting game for the Wii, and it’s one of the biggest hits on the console. Your goal is to rescue the president’s kidnapped daughter and to do this you must travel through back country filled with lunatics who try to attack and eat you. This game works well as a horror game, shooting game, and solid adventure. It’s also not an easy title, so be sure to check out this Resident Evil 4 cheats article if you need help.



Madworld was supposed to be one of the big name titles to break into the adult gaming market for the Nintendo Wii, but despite critical praise it has not sold well. It’s done mostly in black and white, but with bright red blood everywhere. This comic book style has probably turned off some gamers, plus the M rating and excessive gore kept parents away. In this game, you play in a contest where the goal is to kill your opponents in highly original ways that result in lots of blood splatter and gore. A fellow writer here at BrightHub named it one of the best Wii games nobody played. A game such as this would have sold well on the PS3, but perhaps the slide into M-rated games for the Wii needs to be a little more gradual.

House of the Dead: Overkill

HotD Overkill

The House of the Dead series has been around a while and is often found in video arcades where shooting games are popular. House of the Dead: Overkill is the Wii title that takes shooting zombies to a whole new level. This insanely violent game is loaded with profanity and gore that is typical of the zombie genre, and definitely not something you want to get your kids. Playing this is like being in a goofy zombie movie and it is meant to be darkly humorous. Cooperative gameplay for this and other shooting games has spawned a big market in gun accessories for the Wii. It’s way more fun to shoot zombies when you can actually hold a gun (albeit a fake one) in your hand, instead of a Wii Remote.

The Godfather: Blackhand Edition


Everybody loves mafia movies, right? The Godfather is the king of them all, and naturally you can expect a video game based on that story to be pretty awesome, too. This adventure game lets you play like a member of the mafia. You can do hits, strong-arm collections, and more. What makes it interesting is the varied gameplay that even includes hand to hand combat that works just like boxing. The gunfights are pretty awesome, too. There is a lot you can do in this game, and for people who dig mafia stories there is plenty to love. It’s rated M for obvious reasons, but I highly recommend it for fans of games like the Grand Theft Auto series.

Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop

Dead Rising

If killing zombies is your thing, and the Resident Evil series is getting a bit too long-winded for you, then perhaps you should check out the insanity that is Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop. What sets this game apart is that you have free roam of the area and can pick up most anything to take out the zombie horde. It’s much more of a hack and slash type game, but offers some wild visuals and already has a decent following from the other console versions. This game is known to have a few minor control issues, mainly because most Wii games don’t play anything like it. With it’s steady stream of blood and guts, this is one Wii title that earns the Mature rating well.

We Dare

We Dare

If you want a truly adult title, there is one from Ubisoft called We Dare. Unfortunately, it is only available in Europe and never quite reached the United States because, as IGN.com put it, the game is ‘too sexy’. The game relies on the players to interact with various adult-oriented mini games while assuming different positions. As some sites have noted, it basically implies group sex and the developer knew better than to even bother trying to sell it in the U.S. I bet it would have been a big hit, too.