Top 5 Roleplaying Games for the Wii (1st Page) Super Paper Mario and Twilight Princess

Top 5 Roleplaying Games for the Wii  (1st Page) Super Paper Mario and Twilight Princess
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RPG or Action-Adventure RPG? The Top 5 RPGs on the Nintendo Wii

Nintendo’s Wii console is a casual gamer’s paradise. Hardcore gamers have to search to find good games. Good flight games for the console are virtually impossible to find. Role playing games fall somewhere between flight games and hardcore games in terms of availability. Wii role playing games tend to be more of the action-adventure variety than the type of game first introduced by the original Phantasy Star.

The few Wii role playing titles that do exist do not descend into the casual Hell that has kept more serious gamers away from the console. At least one of the games on this list also appears on the list of hardcore games.

1. Super Paper Mario

Super Paper Mario Wii Box

At the top of the heap of the Top 5 RPGs on the Nintendo Wii, we find our old friend Mario. Mario and Luigi have visited the Mushroom Kingdom many times since their first appearance on the original Nintendo Entertainment system. Dedicated fans of the series never tire of spending time with Princess Peach,

Bowser and characters such as Yoshi. The first Mario role playing game appeared on the Super Nintendo Entertainment system. Super Paper Mario, like its predecessors, involves more tactical combat than other Mario games, but this action-adventure rpg should appeal both to dedicated Mario fans and people looking for a challenging action-adventure RPG.

Neither the sound nor the graphics break any new ground, but the game play is easy to master for children and adult players.

2. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Legend of Zelda Box

The Zelda series has never offered a true role playing experience. The original Legend of Zelda game appealed to fantasy gamers, despite its lack of tactical turn-based combat. The whimsical nature has earned the the series a lot of male and female fans, although Twilight Princess departs from the light-hearted humor.

Even if Link never earns hit points, character development has always been an essential part of the sereies.. You rarely have to get the ultimate magical sword, but you do have to upgrade certain pieces of equipment in the later incarnations.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World Box Art

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World continues the story started in the original Tales of Symphonia game. The title might suggest pirates and seafaring adventure, but these items are strangely absent. The main character seems to suffer from a strange personality disorder. Emil is weak and timid outside of combat, but brave and fierce in fight situations.

When Emil starts his adventures, he comes off as a whiny prepubescent teenager. He stays that way outside of the combat. Most Dawn of the New World characters fail to follow the heroic model in any number of ways. This could be an example of good storytelling, but it seems the main characters learn nothing from their adventures.

Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearer

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles The Crystal Bearers box art

SquareEnix, the makers of Final Fantasy, has released two titles for the Wii. Neither of these will make the list of instant video game classics.

Chocobo Dungeon was seemed to achieve a new low for the Final Fantasy series. Chocobo Dungeon used a turn-of-the-century setting and included many failed attempts at light humor. Chocobo Dungeon suffered from poorly designed controls and a story that was not thought out well. The greatest problem with Chocobo Dungeon was that it did not feel like a Final Fantasy Game.

The Crystal Bearer corrects many of the problems that Chocobo dungeon had. The game play makes full use of the motion controls, even if the story does not differ much from many other fantasy role playing games.

Rune Factory Frontier

rune factory frontier coverart

Rune Factory, the fantasy version of Harvest Moon crosses many video game genres. You play a farmer who needs to run his farm successfully. You will encounter a variety of typical role playing threats such as monsters, dungeons and prolonged drought. The player occasionally has to go into dungeons and get items he needs to run his farm. The genre switching of Rune Factory Frontier can be distracting, but this comes the closest to the traditional turn based role playing games that a gamer can find for the Nintendo Wii. Rune Factory has proven to be popular with men and women.

Why There Are Few True Role playing Games on the Wii

Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Cover

A list of the top 5 RPGs on the Nintendo Wii is dangerously close to a list of ALL the RPGs on the Nintendo Wii. Why is this?

Phantasy Star introduced the world to the console role playing game genre. This Sega game continues to live on, but only a few diehard fans remember the Sega series.. Squaresoft, now SquareEnix made its roleplaying game debut a few days later with the first Final Fantasy. The best games in the genre are offered by SquareEnix and the American company, Bioware. SquareEnix has released a few titles for the Wii, but they often seem like half-hearted attempts to makemoney while they focus on Playstation 3 content.

Players who favor the turn-based RPGs will not find many such games onthe Wii. Wii developers can be forgiven for wanting to do more with the motion sensitive control than just letting users mash buttons. Action RPG players will find plenty of titles to play on the Wii, although mot of them will still fall in the family-friendly range that Nintendo prefers for its consoles.

Although this article was written over a year ago, and D&D’s 4th Edition failed to garner the attention Wizards of the Coast wanted it to, there are still not that many more games for the Wii. In fact, there have not been many games for the Wii released at all, with the exception of a sequel to the Force Unleashed. Perhaps this is because the hard-core gaming love goes to more traditional consoles.