Top 10 Hardcore Wii Games

Top 10 Hardcore Wii Games
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Not Just For Casual Gamers Anymore

The Wii flew off the shelves for nearly two years after its release. When the initial euphoria wore off, hard core gamers quickly found out that the Nintendo console releases suffered from one serious flaw. The console was awash in a slew of casual games. The capabilities of the console made this lack of hardcore games disappointing.

Although hard core gamers are usually disappointed by the lack of more serious games, they are not entirely absent from the Wii platform. A few developers started out with good idea that became bad games because they did not understand how to properly use the controls. And the good news is that casual and hard core gamers will enjoy many of the games on the list.

#10. Super Mario Galaxy

Many hard core gamers may not feel comfortable with the inclusion of a Super Mario game on such a list. The game play for Super Mario Galaxy whimsical, it still has much to offer hard core gamers: An engaging, if not original storyline, complex maneuvers, and the return of everyone’s favorite heroic plumbers.

9. Rampage


The inclusion of Rampage may cause a few hard core gamers to wince, but what is more hardcore than leveling entire city blocks while playing a monster? Rampage would not make the list of the best games anywhere, where it not for a failing of developers to make decent hardcore games for Nintendo’s primary console.

Even if Rampage never achieves classic status, it will remain a fun game. The inclusion of giant robots would have made it even better.

8. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

SCPSP BOX Factory HighPunch

Tom Clancy’s men’s adventure novels include a disturbing touch of realism. Even though we can see the scenarios he writes play out in real life. Although the Tom Clancy titles rarely top the best-selling games list, their fan base has Tom Clancy games to be released for almost every system.

The controls are fairly easy to master, but these games always seem to work better on consoles with a more traditional controller. The appearance of more than one Tom Clancy title means it has done well in providing Nintendo fans with hardcore Wii games.

7. Red Steel

red steel wii box

Table top role playing game players may remember the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons setting Red Steel. Red Steel for the Wii has nothing to do with the the world of Mystara, and is a modern action game. The Wii game does not include elves. A player uses modern weapons to get through the game and he never has to worry about magical curses. He might have to worry about the kind of curse that uses language. Red Steel is definitely not recommended for people under the age of 18.

#6. Resident Evil 4

redident evil 4

Capcom released the sequel of Redident for the Wii in defiance of expectations and gamer’s general opinions of the console. Capcom executives laughed about it all the way to the bank as well. Go up against the evil Umbrella corporation and defeat the hives that they place underneath an unsuspecting town. Capcom took a risk by releasing the series on the Gamecube and the Wii, but even though the games have not sold as well on the Wii as the Resident Evil games have for the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

5. Alone in the Dark

Alone In The Dark

Alone in the Dark is another survival horror game, but this one delves into the works of one of the greatest horror writers of the early 20th Century. Discover secrets that man was not meant to know in this hardcore Wii game and do everything in your power to keep mankind from discovering them. Alone in the Dark has worked well on the PC.

4. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Box

LucasArts has ridden the Star Wars license for its video games a long time. The Star Wars games run the gamut from the terrible to the well-designed, but they do not seem to be suffering from lack of sales.

The Force Unleashed takes place between The Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. You take on the role of a young apprentice to Darth Vader. This young apprentice must track down rogue Jedi and avoid the attentions of the Emperor. Choose to seek redemption or expand your dark side powers as you throw your light saber, force choke Storm Troopers, and electrocute your enemies using the power of the force.

Game play is simple, with the exception of the boss fights. A player must follow the onscreen prompts exactly to defeat the bosses, and it is not always clear what a given prompt means.

3. Shattered Hill: Shattered Memories

Silent Hill Shattered Memories Box

The survival horror genre bridges the gap between casual adventure games and more hardcore action games. The Silent Hill series has remained popular and the sereis served as the basis of a movie.

Developers who program games for the Wii often float trial games to see if Wii owners will respond to hardcore Wii games that belong to series that have done well on other consoles.. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories has exceeded the developers expectations so far. A Wii Silent Hill sequel might be made, despite the opinion of the Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka that the Wii gamer is not a hardcore gamer.

2. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

twilight princess

The Zelda games are often light-hearted in tone. Twilight Princess is one of the darkest Zelda games to date. The humor in Twilight Princess often reflects the tone of the game. Instead of silly jokes that often make little sense to American audiences, you have dark jokes that typically make little sense to American audiences. One of the subplots of Twilight Princess involves Link avoiding being thrown into a Yeti’s pot as a soup ingredient.

The ranged controls for Twilight Princess can be a little difficult to master. Uncoordinated players may find it difficult to fire a bow or a slingshot using the Wiimote.

1. Medal of Honor

medal of honor vanguard

How can a realistic war game be anything but hard core? If you have played this series, you already know what it is all about. Even if the World War II video game genre has been greatly overdone, the makers of Medal of Honor do it well. Medal of Honor, unlike many other of the hardcore Wii games, even has a multi-player mode.