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Top Miis on the Check Mii Out Channel

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

We've scoured the depths of the Check Mii Out Channel to bring you some of the most well-designed and recognizable Miis to add to your collection. Check out some of our favorite Sci-Fi, Comic Book, and Television Characters.

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    The ability to create customized Miis of your friends and family was one of the initial big selling points of the Nintendo Wii. Sure, great games like Twilight Princess and Smash Bros are what get people to play the system, but the cute little avatars known as Miis are what most people remember when they're first exposed to the system.

    In the first few months of the Wii's lifespan, gamers had to be content with the limits of their own imagination. Players could create their own custom imitations of famous characters, but there was no way to check out those made by others short of swapping them with people they already knew.

    That all changed with the introduction of the "Check Mii Out" channel. Now, gamers can find and rate Miis created by people all over the world.

    Check out some of our favorite creations in the channel.

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    Sci-Fi and Comic Book Heroes

    IMG 1314 Stormtrooper Mii I'm a big comic book nerd, so I was blown away when I saw the entry named "I.M." created by Mii Artisan Harry. The body is a little off (not many customization options there, unfortunately), but the face is a nearly spot-on recreation of the Iron Man mask. This Mii's skill is appropriately fighting, and it's one I recommend to any comic book fan out there. I.M.'s Entry Number is 1830-6791-3043.

    Another nerdgasm-worthy recreation on the Check Mii Out Channel is "R.C." created by Mii Artisan Robocop. For fans of the cheesy action flick Robocop, this Mii is a must have. Now, you can lose in Wii Sports Resort Basketball to Robocop, or use him as your driver in Mario Kart Wii. He unfortunately does not come with a leg-mounted gun holster. R.C.'s Entry Number is 7812-4839-4199.

    My personal favorite entry in this category is the short-statured "S.T." created by Mii Artisan Iron Man. Using a clever combination of sunglasses and wildly out of place eyes, Iron Man has managed to create an instantly-recognizable replica of a Stormtrooper from the original Star Wars Trilogy. S.T.'s Entry Number is 6578-2322-7584.

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    TV Characters

    IMG 1316 Family Guy mii For the Family Guy fan out there, there are quite a few faithful recreations of the show's characters for you to choose from. One of the best Peter Griffin Miis available is "P.G." created by Mii Artisan Terminator. This recreation of the Griffin patriarch comes complete with double chin and a lazy expression. P.G.'s Entry Number is 6104-3716-1552.

    Peter is not alone on the Check Mii Out Channel. His son Chris shows up in the fantastic form of "C.G." by Master Mii Artisan Adult Swim. This overweight teenage replica seems to have been ripped straight from the television show, and looks exactly how I imagine a three-dimensional Chris would look. C.G.'s Entry Number is 2848-1961-5897.

    Moe from The Simpsons Of course, the Griffin family would not be complete without Chris' frumpy older sister Meg, and she makes an instantly-recognizable appearance in the form of "M.G." by Mii Artisan Brandon. Complete with Meg's signature hat, glasses, and pathetic expression, this Mii is sure to darken the spirits of anyone who happens to look upon her. Unlike her television counterpart, however, M.G. has a popularity rating of five stars. M.G.'s Entry Number is 6388-6584-8290.

    Family Guy is not the only famous animated series whose characters show up on the channel. Moe, the famous owner of Moe's Tavern on The Simpsons shows up as well. The best version I've seen is "M.O." created by Mii Artisan R?. The face, hair, and expression are spot on, and nobody should have any trouble recognizing this Mii once you've downloaded it. M.O.'s Entry Number is 6777-3945-0772.

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    These great character re-creations are only the tip of the Check Mii Out Channel iceberg. You can find countless recreations of celebrities, famous characters from history, and sports figures on the channel. If you haven't seen anything you like here, I guarantee you can find something that sparks your interest somewhere among the thousands of excellent Miis on the Check Mii Out Channel.