The Best Downloadable Content for Nintendo Wii

If you are the owner of a Nintendo Wii then you know that there is an abundance of downloadable content available to you to enhance your gameplay experience. You can get channels, that give you ongoing content or classic games from the previous Nintendo systems. Some of the content, like channels, are free while other downloads, like the games cost you money.

So, before you shell out your hard earned money buying Wii points cards lets take a look at the best of Nintendo downloadables.

The channels.

1. Check Mii out. This channel allows you to take your Mii’s on the road and enter them into contests. Your Mii’s can compete with others all around the world. So go on and make a Mii that looks like Cleopatra, or Einstein, there is a contest waiting for you.

2. Everybody Votes. The everybody votes channel gives you the chance to answer a two option question and then compare your results with other uses in your country. If you’ve ever wanted to know if more people prefer chocolate or jelly with their peanut butter then this is the channel for you.

3. The News Channel. This one will keep you up to date with what is going on in your country and around the world.

4. The Mii channel. This is a must have if you plan to use number 1. It lets you make your own Mii’s with custom faces. You can make a miniature version of yourself, Darth Vader or even a crazy fish man, whatever you want to.

Now, it is time to move onto games. On the Wii you can download a variety of the games for classic Nintendo systems. Of course, as you well know, some old game are addictive classics and some of them should really be left to the annals of gaming history.

With that in mind lets take a look at some of the best downloadable classic games for the Wii.

Games from the original Nintendo system:

– Donkey Kong Classics

– Final Fantasy

– Legend of Zelda

– Doctor Mario

– Super Mario Brothers

Games from the Super Nintendo system (SNES):

– Star Fox

– Killer Instinct

– Super Mario World

– Tetris attack

– Yoshi’s safari

Games from the Nintendo 64 (N64) system:

– FZero X

– Mario Kart 64

– Pokemon Stadium

– Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

– Super Smash Brothers

I know, your wondering about the gamecube games. You don’t really need to download your game cube titles. You can just use your Game Cube disks in the Wii. As a nice bonus with the Wii out the Game Cubes games have gone down in price. So that is it, of course, as time goes on, the folks at Nintendo will, without a doubt come out with more channels to expand the range of the Wii and give you more options.

*Yes, I know that there is a Mario on each list and some of you may say that is cliché’ but Mario is an icon of the Nintendo world and his games are always solid platforming fun. Except for Super Mario Sunshine that is.