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5 Best Wii Games You May Have Missed

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

With all the games being released each week for the Nintendo Wii, it's no surprise that some have to fall by the wayside. Check out our picks for some of the system's greatest games that many people never got around to playing.

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    The Wii is the most popular game system in America and publishers are doing the best to get as many games out for the system as possible. While this shotgun approach to game design may result in a large number of available titles for the system, it inevitably leads to some great games getting lost in the shuffle and some gamers missing out simply because they never had a chance to check out an excellent game.

    Fortunately, we here at Bright Hub have furiously scoured the Wii's back catalog to dig up some unsung gems from the system's library. These great games may never have achieved large sales numbers, but they remain among the best for the system.

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    Boom Blox/Boom Blox Bash Party

    Boom Blox The Boom Blox series may not exactly be sleeper hits, most people seem to at least know about them, but I'm continually amazed at the number of people who passed on this great game simply because of its blocky aesthetic or simplistic-seeming gameplay.

    The fact is, Boom Blox and its sequel are not only two of the greatest puzzle/action hybrids on the Nintendo Wii, but they are among the best I personally have ever played. Few games drive me to play them until I incur physical injuries, but I have strained arm muscles more than once due to marathon Boom Blox sessions.

    It's just a game I can't seem to stop playing. There's always one more puzzle to finish or one more attempt at one that is stumping me. Detonating explosives to bring a carefully-stacked tower of blocks crashing down is a visceral thrill that we as humans seem to be hardwired to enjoy from birth. Boom Blox offers these types of thrills continually.

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    Geometry Wars: Galaxies

    Geometry Wars Galaxies The original Geometry Wars was the first real runaway Xbox Live Arcade hit on the 360. It was downloaded an unprecedented number of times as gamers discovered its addictive, old-school arcade style gameplay. It was no surprise when a version of the game was later announced for the Nintendo Wii.

    Geometry Wars: Galaxies takes everything that was great about the original Geometry Wars and multiplies it by ten. Galaxies has multiple addictive game modes, multiplayer, co-op, and online leaderboards to the mix. The result is an incredibly complete product that will keep you interested for hours, constantly trying to reach that next level or (in true old-school fashion) shooting to get the high score.

    Most used game stores now sell the game for less than 20 bucks, and you owe it to yourself to check it out if you can.

    Check out page two for a great adventure game, a chance to turn Mario on his side, and the undisupted, most violent game on the Wii.

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    Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure

    Zack and Wiki Capcom's little critical darling is one of the best Wii games nobody every played. Zack and Wiki takes a lot of its gameplay from the point and click adventure games of old, requiring players to find innovative ways of solving puzzles using items in the environment. The twist here is the clever integration of the Wii's motion controls.

    Unlike adventure games of the past, players no longer simply click on a crank and then a slot, expecting the character to do the turning themselves. Now, players line the crank up with the slot and then turn it themselves using the Wiimote. That's a basic example, but the integration of motion control into the game really gives the gameplay that extra dimension, and makes it that much more fun.

    A second player can get in on the action, as well. They don't control the action onscreen, but can point out helpful items or guide their partner to important points John Madden style, by drawing on the screen with their Wiimote.

    Zack and Wiki is another of these great games that you can pick up for less than twenty bucks. It can be hard to find, but its worth playing if you do.

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    Super Paper Mario

    The Paper Mario series has always been the weird little cousin of the Mario family. The gameplay and humor of the series can best be dSuper Paper Mario escribed as quirky, and it consequently doesn't have the mass-market appeal of its high-profile counterparts.

    Super Paper Mario is my personal favorite of the series, and it's a shame that such a great game has gone unnoticed by so many Nintendo Wii gamers. The game takes traditional Mario platforming and turns it on its side, literally. Players who find themselves without a suitable path across a gap in the game's 2D space can now rotate the level 90 degrees and find that there is a hidden, third-dimensional route.

    This facet of gameplay is used to great success in all elements of the game, from boss fights to simple exploration. Any fan of old-school Mario platforming should definitely give Super Paper Mario a try, it really is a blast.

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    Madworld I don't think many people were surprised when Madworld failed to deliver massive sales numbers. On a system as family-centered as the Nintendo Wii, it's really no surprise that an intensely-violent, black and white beat-em-up style game didn't sell well. There just aren't enough players out there looking for M-rated games on the Wii.

    Which is sad, because Madworld is a really awesome game. For the adult gamers out there looking for a little change from the cutesy stuff that they usually find on the Wii, I wholeheartedly recommend it.

    Players take on the role of a contestant in a Running Man type ultra violent game show of the future. Bonus points are awarded for especially creative kills, like throwing a dude into a running wood chipper or bouncing his corpse of a giant gong.

    The game is a little short, but it's the kind of thing you'll enjoy playing through time and time again, if for nothing else than to let off a little steam. Keep it away from the kiddies, but Madworld is one of the greatest Wii games nobody ever played.

    There are a myriad of amazing titles that have somehow fallen by the wayside during the Wii's lifespan. These five are just the beginning. For more awesome, little-known enjoyment, check out World of Goo (WiiWare), No More Heroes, Okami, and Warioware: Smooth Moves.