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Intoduction to Women In Wii

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The Nintendo Wii is the best-selling console currently on the market with its unique motion detecting remotes and unique gameplay. Much of its popularity stems from the fact that the games and the console itself appeal to multi-generational players.

Everyone in my Stampin’ Up club (yes, women who sits around making cards and scrapbook pages) owns a Wii, and for most of them, it is the only console that they own let alone play. These are women whose ages range from their early thirties to their late sixties, and most of them have never played a video game in their entire lives. Why is the Wii appealing to them then?

“I’m not really playing a game.” – Wii Game For Women

For most women, playing a game of any sort is a luxury that they do not feel they can afford, especially women with consumptive hobbies like scrapbooking and making cards. Gaming simply takes up too much time and causes a lot of guilt when there is housework to be done. Women who play the Wii, however, often feel as if they are not “just” playing a game; they are getting exercise. Granted, it is fun exercise disguised as a console game, but exercising is an “appropriate” activity that allows us to put off housework without the guilt. Afterall, most of us could use more exercise anyway. Thus, games like Wii Fit and Wii Tennis allows us to play a game—oops, I mean exercise—without feeling as if we just wasted the day away.

“It’s family time.”

Animal Crossing City

All the women I know who own Wiis have children or grandchildren, and they use the console to connect with the children. Of course, that does not explain the hours they will spend fishing on Animal Crossing or writing letters to all the towns people. Sure, they sneak in a letter to their grandchildren or children every now and then, but the Wii allows them to play games while still feeling like they connect with the family. Also, gathering around for a crazy bout of WarioWare: Smooth Moves or Wii Bowling can actually have a family bonding together in no time.

Wii Women Games: “It’s easy to learn.”

Cooking Mama

Since many of the Wii games use full body movement rather than fine motor skills, women who have not been playing traditional consoles all their life can succeed at games or at least not feel awkward. Many of the actions that the Wiimote registers are movements that women already naturally perform on a day to day basis. Swinging their arms or going through the motions of bowling does not require learning new fine motor skills as well as precise hand-eye coordination. Games like Cooking Mama: Cook Off mimics all of the natural movements many of us already use for cooking dinner.

“I can play a few minutes and then turn it off.”

Many of the games available on the Wii, especially the ones that come in standard packages, allow for fast play and quick resolutions. A game of Wii Bowling can be finished in less than ten minutes, and almost all of the Wii Play games can be finished in under five minutes. Literally, a woman could be cooking dinner and get a quick game in without burning anything. The Wii also has the traditional platformers that take hours of investment to beat, but that is often time that many women do not feel they have. Thus, the wide selection of casual and semi-casual games entertains them without creating a large time investment.

Best Wii Games for Women: “It’s fun!”

Cooking Mama Kit

Ultimately, the Wii is fun. It has a wide variety of game that appeals to all ages, and simply playing those games is fun. It is arguably the most social of all the consoles, unless one considers screaming at each other over the internet as being a social activity. Games like Mario Party 8 are fun for both kids and adults, allowing generations to come together and play cooperatively to accomplish a goal. Animal Crossing gives a wide variety of objectives that do not require fine-tuned reaction time, and the graphics are appealing as always.