Best Free Online Games for Nintendo Wii's Internet Channel

Best Free Online Games for Nintendo Wii's Internet Channel
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The combination of the Nintendo Wii’s online capabilities along with its motion controls (just two of the Nintendo Wii’s great features) have led to a proliferation of online sites dedicated to providing gamers with simple free games that can be played from within the internet channel.

These flash-based games range from knockoffs of popular arcade classics to sports games and online poker simulations. There are many sites out there claiming to offer the best selection of free online Wii games, but our guide will help you quickly and easily locate some of the best.

So, what are you waiting for? Fire up your Wii, jump into the internet channel, and point your browser toward any one of these great sites.

Mii Wii Games

Mii Wii Games has one of the most extensive collections of online flash games for the Nintendo Wii. The games are divided into seven categories: Action/Adventure, Cards/Board Games, Driving, Misc, Puzzle, Shooter and Sports. The site is easy to navigate, and has been obviously designed with the internet channel’s limitations in mind.

Some highlights here include:

  • Retromania

    Retromania: a vector-graphics amalgamation of Asteroids and Space Invaders.

  • KGB Hunter: a Spy Hunter-esque driving game, complete with weapon upgrades and boss battles.

  • Duck Hunt: the classic NES shooting game with the laughing dog that is as infuriating as ever.

One thing to note, Mii Wii Games appears to simply collect these Wii games from other sites, rather than creating them themselves.

Wii Playable

Like Mii Wii Games, Wii Playable also has seven categories of free online games to choose from. There seems to be a larger selection to choose from at Wii Playable, though many of the games are similar to those you will see on Mii Wii Games.

Some favorites on Wii Playable:

  • Cat Vac

    Beer Pong, a flash-based version of the popular party game where you take on various opponents while battling the effects of alcohol consumption and their feeble attempts to distract you.

  • Hang Stan: a more gruesome take on the classic Hangman game featuring a hungry farmer and a pig.

  • Cat Vac: a Breakout-esque game where you attempt to bounce falling cats into waiting vacuums in order to save them from the ravenous dogs who devour every feline you fail to catch.

The games on Wii Playable are a bit more tongue in cheek than some other places, and a few contain more adult themes and images, so parents should be wary.

Check out page two for your opportunity to launch an unsuspecting Italian toward mysterious floating Altoids containers.

Wii Internet Channel

The Wii internet channel games at are really nothing more than fully-featured advertisements for the makers of such popular candy products as Juicy Fruit gum and Altoids mints. However, don’t let the site’s shameless self-promotion turn you away from what is actually a decent collection of pretty fun online Wii games.

The advantage of a promotional tool like these games is that instead of being conceived in someone’s basement, they actually have a budget and decent production values.

A few examples of what you’ll find at Candystand:

  • The Great Flying Mintini

    The Great Flying Mintini: you control the angle and power of the cannon that launches the Great Mintini skyward in the hopes of collecting magical floating Altoids canisters. While the takeoffs are fun, it’s the awkward landings that make this game enjoyable.

  • Horse: a flash version of the classic schoolyard basketball game where you can call your trick shots and then launch them by pulling back on the cursor and aiming your shot so that it bounces off the backboard, the wall, or the ground.

  • Out of Bounds: a tennis game where players bounce balls off of landmarks like the Great Wall of China in order to collect floating packs of Juicy Fruit gum.

Yes, the site is incredibly commercial, but the games also happen to be a great deal of fun.

These three sites are some of the most well-produced places on the web to find free games to play in the Nintendo Wii’s internet channel. With all the crappy sites floating out there, it’s important to be able to sort through and find the places that are actually worth your time. I hope our guide here has helped you find some of the best Wii games online.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to find a way to shoot that annoying dog in Duck Hunt.