The 5 Best Wii Family Games

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Lego Star Wars

This makes our list of the 5 best Wii family games because it is a game that anyone can play. Plus, it’s really a lot of fun. The kids can be their favorite character in this action packed game with a Lego twist that makes everyone in your family laugh. It’s even great fun when your character dies in the game. The graphics of the game are pretty good, but stay with the Legos theme. You also can’t play each other just yet.

Dance, Dance, Revolution

You can get up out of your chair and enjoy a dance routine that not only is fun, but it also gets everyone in the room cheering. This game is great for younger kids as well as adults that are in the family. This game allows you to challenge your parents or that annoying sibling to see who is really the best. Turn down the lights while you play for some real fun.

Rock Band

Pretty much everyone has heard of this game and knows how it works, but the band that you create with your family is one of those that can be the most fun. Kids can play on the instruments or can sing some of the songs that are in the game. Why not get all together and rock the house! Although this made our list of the 5 best Wii family games, you might want to skip this it if you have young children. It gets hard for those that are under seven-years-old.

Animal Crossing

This game has come a long way and is still great fun with the whole family. You can create a character and guide it on a fun adventure that the whole family can be a part of. Best of all, it’s easy for some of the youngest players to do. The great thing about this game is that they can interact with each other and have fun along the way.

My Sims

This version of the popular Sim game is more oriented toward the family and younger players. You can still guide your Sim along as he lives his life, and your kids don’t have to worry about some of that more racy stuff that is in the regular Sims games. The graphics are also more cartoony and that makes it more fun for the kids in the house.

These are just a few of the games that your family can play together and have a great time with. Why not get out there and make a night of fun game play and make a night of happy memories at the same time.

If you have suggestions for games other than those listed our our list of the 5 best Wii family games, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.