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    • Top Five Wii Games That Should Have Been Good
      A number of Wii games have managed to offer promising gameplay and potentially awesome motion controls. Ultimately, however, many of these titles failed to deliver. Bright Hub takes a look at some of the most disappointing games released on Nintendo's shiny console.
    • 5 Best Wii Party Games for Local Multiplayer Fun
      The Nintendo Wii is the party console of this generation and there are loads of local multiplayer options out there suitable for some party fun. In this article we take a look at five of the best party games for the Wii.
    • Top 5 Reasons Why Women Love the Nintendo Wii
      The Wii console sells better to women than another other console on the market. This article explains some of the reasons women enjoy the Wii even though they are not traditional gamers.
    • Get Behind the Wheel of These Great Driving Games for the Wii
      The best Wii driving games make you feel part of the action, whether it's speeding on a Harley, racing in a truck, or avoiding foxes driving a flying car. Here's our rundown of the top 5 driving games for the Wii, that allow you to feel the speed, without getting the ticket.
    • What Are The 10 Best Hardcore Games For The Wii?
      Hardcore gamers do not need to enter into the depths of despair over the lack of hardcore games. He does not even need to engage in a difficult search, he simply needs to know which games are out there for him.
    • Top 5 Role Playing Games for the Wii
      The motion sensitive controls for the Wii do not seem to be the ideal way to introduce turn-based role playing games, but many developers have no qualms with producing action-adventure games. Find out what the top 5 roleplaying games for the Wii are.
    • What Are the Best Wii Balance Board Games?
      The Wii Balance Board is good for more than Wii Fit. Check out four great games that use the peripheral to control a snowboard, skateboard, boxer, and an out of control wildebeest.
    • Top Five WiiWare Games to Play with Others
      Five WiiWare games that are at their best when played with or against others.
    • Best Games to Play With Your Date
      So your date wants to play some games with you? Don't just pick up any old game, pick one from our winning list for both Wii and Xbox.
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