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    • Total Annihilation for PC: Strategies and the Best TA Maps to Practice Them
      One of the most beloved classic real time strategy games is Total Annihilation for PC. Strategies are of paramount importance in TA, as opposed to many RTS games that despite their genre name are focused primarily on unit tactics. The best TA maps to hone strategy depend on a number of factors.
    • Total Annihilation Guide: Core and Arm Defensive Buildings
      Total Annihilation has some of the most formidable defenses found in any strategy game. Heavy laser towers, plasma cannons, and guided missiles are all at your command. This guide covers all of the defensive structures in Total Annihilation so you can decide which to build.
    • Total Annihilation: XP supported, No CD Necessary
      Total Annihilation is a classic real time strategy title now available for download on Impulse, thanks to Atari. The operating systems that will support this version of Total Annihilation? XP, Vista, Windows 7 all run this download of Total Annihilation. No CD is necessary to play.
    • Total Annihilation: The Commander Pack
      The Total Annihilation Commander Pack is the final bundling of each Total Annihilation game featuring the ARM and CORE. The original Total Annihilation, the Core Contingency continuation, and the Battle Tactics expansion are included, as well as numerous multiplayer mode maps and units.
    • Overview of the Total Annihilation: Core Contingency Expansion
      Total Annihilation: Core Contingency is the follow on expansion to the successful and innovative RTS title Total Annihilation. Featuring additional units and maps as well as two full single player campaigns, the battle between Core and ARM continues in TA:CC
    • The Best Total Annihilation Mods
      Total Annihilation is a classic, and also very easy to mod. As a result there are versions of Total Annihilation which are still being updated today. These mods are often much different from the original game, but the focus on strategy which made Total Annihilation popular.
    • Total Annihilation Unit Guide: Core Tier 2 Units
      The tier 2 units is where the Core gains momentum. The Core has some of the most powerful tanks and bots in Total Annihilation. They are expensive, and often slow, but have massive firepower and huge amounts of armor. This guide will help you get the most out of these valuable units.
    • Total Annihilation Unit Guide: Core Tier 1 Units
      The Core are a feared force. Their heavy units are known as the toughest in all of Total Annihilation. But before they get those they have to deal with their tier 1 roster, which is less impressive. This guide will help you survive early skirmishes.
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