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  • Street Fighter x Tekken Uncovered
    Fans of both Street Fighter and Tekken have long debated which fighters are superior. Street Fighter x Tekken now offers an arena for the fighters to settle the score. The release date of SFxT is set for early next year. The game promises be a treat for the fighting game enthusiast.
  • Street Fighter Fei Long Character Profile
    Fei Long has been one of many Bruce Lee inspired fighting game characters that have the same sounds and actions as the legend himself. Fei Long has been around since the early 1990's and is still a well known character in the newest Street Fighter games.
  • Street Fighter Dhalsim Character Profile
    Dhalsim first appeared in Street Fighter II as a very slow character that had an ability to stretch himself and reach his opponent from across the screen.
  • Street Fighter Guile Character Profile
    Guile is the third main character in the Street Fighter series due to his popularity with America. He first appeared in SFII and had a barrage of military style attacks.
  • Street Fighter Adon Character Profile
    Adon was one of the first characters to appear in the Street Fighter series. He was first a boss character and is finally playable in the new SFIV.

Street Fighter 4

  • Street Fighter 4 Ultimate Cheat Codes & Tips
    Step into the ring in Street Fighter 4. Gain the ultimate edge with this in depth cheat code and tips article for the Xbox 360 game version. Learn how to unlock nine characters and other cool tips.
  • CapCom Makes a Great Follow Up to the Street Fighter iPhone Game
    How do you make a sequel to a great game given the limitations of the iPhone? Nothing much really. Just add a few characters more, tweak the graphics a bit and give in to the most requested feature from the game's predecessor. That's what Capcom did with Street Fighter IV Volt and made it real good.
  • Street Fighter IV Character Guide: E. Honda
    E. Honda can open up a can of destruction like no other fighter in Street Fighter IV, but he's slow of foot at times, which is his main weakness. Honda needs to move into position to use the EX versions of his Hundred Hand Slap and Oichi Throw to be successful.
  • Street fighter IV: Character Guide: Chun-Li
    Chun-Li is a fast and agile fighter that needs to spend as much time in the air to be successful and defeat the stronger fighters in Street Fighter IV. Proper use of her Wall Jump attack in combination with her Kikoken attack is very effective and can lead to Chun-Li being victorious.
  • Street Fighter IV PC Review
    The fourth installment in a venerable series that began in 1987, Street Fighter IV delivers a fast-paced action packed Beat 'Em Up that delivers what fighting fans are looking for in a game