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Championship Manager 2010

  • Championship Manager 2010 - Getting Started
    New games often take a while to get going - and when that game revolves around a vast database containing the playing stats of every footballer on the planet, you know that there is a lot to do. CM 2010 is huge - this walkthrough guides you the opening stages to picking your first team.
  • Championship Manager 2010 Walkthrough: Signing New Players
    One of the key elements of a football management sim is the ability to buy and sell players – Championship Manager 2010 has a range of options to allow you to sign players.
  • Championship Manager 2010 Walkthrough - Tactical Play
    Tactics and formations play a major part in football and the tactical aspect of the world's most popular sport has been superbly realized in Championship Manager 2010. Learn how to think tactically in this guide.
  • Championship Manager 2010 Walkthrough – Playing a Match
    With your team selected, your tactics, formations and training all sorted out, there’s only one thing left to do – send your players onto the pitch to play the game the way you want them to...
  • International Management in Championship Manager 2010
    Taking the international management route in Championship Manager 2010 is a case of choosing the right country, scouting and building a pool of players and getting your tactics right - are you up to it?


  • FIFA 2009 All-Play Review
    Wii owners might feel like they're missing out by not being part on the PS3 or Xbox 360 bandwagons. Here's one notable instance when the Nintendo faithful are well rewarded with a cross-platform game that's far better for Wii than anything else. Learn more about the FIFA 2009 game with this review.
  • Beat Any Team in FIFA 09 – How to Play Against Liverpool
    Liverpool are not such a tough opponent in FIFA 2009. The main drawback of the team is that Liverpool's defense is relatively slow. There are also other weaknesses in this team – learn to take advantage of them to win against Liverpool.
  • Know Your Team in FIFA 09 – Real Madrid - Part II - Tactics
    Playing FIFA 09 with Real Madrid can become a definite joy. Although your squad can vary, especially in midfield, the tactics should probably remain the same. Your opponent will struggle to deal with your superstar midfield if you use the right tactics.
  • How to Play Against Bayern Munich in FIFA 09
    You are a Chelsea, Manchester United, Barcelona or even Hertha Berlin fan and a FIFA 09 player - but your friend is constantly beating you with his Bayern Munich team? Organized defense, counter attacks and Ribery technique leave you frustrated? Learn how to play against Bayern Munich in FIFA 09.
  • FIFA Soccer 09 Xbox 360 Achievements
    Are you a fan of FIFA soccer? Want to be one of the best in the world? Here's a list of all the XBOX 360 achievements for FIFA Soccer 09, including all the secret achievements. FIFA Soccer 09 is one hell of a soccer game, and completing these achievements will only make it more fun.

Football Manager

Other Soccer Games

  • Playing as a Defender in Football Superstars
    This is a guide designed to help you play as a defender in the MMO game Football Superstars.
  • Enjoy Awesome International Soccer!
    Looking for a good arcade football game? Awesome Soccer World is a great budget alternative to the expensive, sponsorship-soaked FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer games.
  • Playing as a Striker in Football Superstars
    The MMO game Football Superstars is the perfect title for soccer fans. In this article we take a look at how to play as a striker.
  • Review of Football Superstars: A Free Soccer MMORPG
    Football is so popular across the world that you can instantly see the appeal of an MMORPG which casts you as an individual footballer looking to build your skills and wealth to become a superstar. Even better Football Superstars is free to download and play, so is it worth the hard drive space?
  • Football Superstars Review: A Buccaneering Soccer Based MMO
    Football Superstars is a free-to-play MMO giving players the ability to play as an individual soccer player within a respective team. Add an MMO-based deep character development curve to the well though out controls and this could be something remarkable. Read on to find out if it is...

Pro Evolution Soccer

  • PES 2011 for PS3 Reviewed
    The PES series has toppled from its lofty perch at the top of the football game league table in recent years. The question is can Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 stage an epic comeback and push for glory against the ever popular FIFA?
  • PES 2010 Reviewed: Football on the PS3
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 has rolled out for the PlayStation 3 and immediately hit the back of the net by topping the charts in the number 1 spot in the UK. Find out if this is the best football game out there in this review.
  • The Complete Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Xbox 360 Achievements Guide
    Bright Hub brings you a complete Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Achievement Guide for the Xbox 360, as Konami seeks to steal back its footballing crown from FIFA 11.
  • Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2010 Guide: Competitive Play
    In this PES 2010 series of guides we will be looking at the various intricacies of the game how to not only beat the AI, but hopefully moving towards competing against other human opponents. Here is the final part of this guide, taking about the competitive aspects of PES 2010.
  • Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2010 Guide: Defending
    In this PES 2010 series of guides we will be looking at the various intricacies of the game how to not only beat the AI, but hopefully moving towards competing against other human opponents. Here is the fourh part of this guide, concentrating on shoring up your defence and keeping clean sheets.