The Ultimate Nintendo Fanboy Quiz

Are you a hardcore fan of Nintendo? Do you buy every first-party game they make? Then try this quiz, and see how far your fanboy skills take you!

The Forza 4 Fan’s Quiz: Put Your Helmet On!

Forza is now on its fourth incarnation, and the franchise is regarded as one of the best racing simulators of all time. This quiz will challenge the knowledge of long-time fans, as well as inform newbies to the series. Start your engines!

What’s Your Favorite Console? A Quiz on the Console Wars

Today the console wars are terribly out of hand, with people fighting daily on message boards and comment sections about why their system is the best and everyone else is dumb. Do you have what it takes to ace a quiz about everything there is to know about the console wars?

The Violence in Gaming Quiz

Violence has long been a controversial subject among gamers and non-gamers alike. What is acceptable, what’s not, and what are the consequences? In this quiz, we’ll test your knowledge of gaming’s association with real world violence.

Call of Duty Trivia Quiz

The Call of Duty franchise has been hugely popular selling millions of copies around the world. How well do you know the series? Take our quiz and find out.

RPG Game Concepts: What Games Got Us Here?

The computer role-playing game expanded upon the tradition of pen-and-paper campaigns, though to a more limited extent. How much do you know about it? Answer these 26 questions and find out.

Oblivion Trivia Quiz | Have You Mastered the Elder Scrolls?

Fans of the series had great expectations for Oblivion when it was announced. The previous game in the series, Morrowind, was a tough act to follow. Regardless of which game you preferred, you probably spent quite some time exploring the world of Oblivion. Ready to see how much you’ve learned?

A Quiz on Video Game Controversy

Gamers and parents both know that video games have been a major subject of controversy over the years, but where did it all start, and how did it explode? Test your knowledge on the subject and see how much you really know.

Trivia Quiz for Fallout: New Vegas

Are you a trivia buff? Do you love playing Fallout? Did you explore every corner of the world looking for treasures and side quests? Test your knowledge of the Mojave in this trivia quiz! We’ll find out just how knowledgeable you really are.

World of Warcraft Lore and Character Trivia Quiz

The World of Warcraft MMO is based on the Warcraft real-time strategy PC games, but it has evolved a great deal in the seven years since its release. Whether you’ve been playing since Vanilla or rolled your first toon post-Cataclysm, you can see how deep your knowledge of all things Azeroth runs.

Take the Rift Trivia Quiz

Do you think you know the game Rift better than others? Test your knowledge on the popular game and see just how well you know Rift’s classes, factions, and more!

Famous Eve Online Scams and Scandals

Whether you want to protect yourself from Eve Online scammers or learn from the best, this quiz will point you in the right direction by schooling you in Eve Online scamming trivia!