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  • 7 Emulators that Run on Sega Dreamcast
    The Sega Dreamcast wasn't just a brilliant console - it was brilliant at pretending to be other consoles as well. Bright Hub guides you to the best emulators that run on Sega Dreamcast.
  • Top 10 Dreamcast Games of All Time
    Bright Hub takes on the task of deciding the top ten Dreamcast games of all time. Has your favorite Dreamcast classic made the cut?
  • The Best Free Dreamcast Game Downloads
    The Dreamcast homebrew scene has thrown up many gems for Sega's classic console. In this article, Bright Hub looks at some of the best free point-and-click adventures, shooters and fighting games for the Dreamcast.
  • Its Old But Not Dead: Burning Games for your Sega Dreamcast
    Enhance your Sega Dreamcast games library with free homebrew titles. Follow our guide showing you how to burn playable Dreamcast games using Discjuggler and Nero.
  • Games You Can Download for Free for Your Sega Dreamcast
    The Sega Dreamcast lives on with a thriving homebrew gaming scene. In this article, Bright Hub shows you where to find some of the best free games for the classic console and how to burn Dreamcast games to playable discs for your own system.

Nintendo GameCube

  • Great Game Cube Games You Can Play on the Nintendo Wii
    There are lots of great reasons to upgrade to a Nintendo Wii - if you haven't already - but you may be wondering whether it is worth it to have yet another video game console cluttering your living room. The great news is that the Wii can play GameCube games, and that there's some great classics.
  • Top 5 GameCube Games That Need a Wii Remake
    Despite not being the most dominant console in the last generation of gaming, the Nintendo GameCube had a number of memorable titles worthy of a remake. These are the top 5 GameCube games that deserve to be remade for Nintendo's current-gen system.
  • Free Wii: Play Free Games on the Wii's Internet Channel
    There are a lot of free Flash-based web games available for you to play on your Wii. Here's how.
  • GameCube Games That Still Need A Wii-Make
    With Nintendo's New Play Control series, Wii owners will get a chance to experience some of the best titles on Nintendo's last generation console in a whole new way. Still, there are still some titles that seem to have slipped through the cracks. Let's take a look at five games that need a makeover.
  • Top 5 GameCube Games Of All Time
    Nintendo's GameCube was one of the biggest console flops in recent memory but that doesn't mean the system didn't have a number of gems on store shelves. We run down the best for the system, so make sure your eBay account is ready for a bit of spending!


  • How Well Do You Know Your Nintendo Games?
    Are you a hardcore fan of Nintendo? Do you buy every first-party game they make? Then try this quiz, and see how far your fanboy skills take you!
  • A Timeline of Nintendo Video Game Consoles
    This Nintendo console timeline traces the history of Nintendo’s video game consoles from the ‘80s to the present day. As such, all of Nintendo’s non-handheld game consoles are covered here with dates provided.
  • Nintendo is the Console King
    Nintendo has the largest number of game consoles which date back to the 1980s. In fact, there have been more Nintendo consoles than Sony & Microsoft consoles combined! Some of these have been influential consoles, and in this article the top five Nintendo game consoles are covered in greater detail.
  • Classic Nintendo Revisited
    Understanding the past can help you understand the future. This is true in nearly every kind of history. Video game history is no exception. Understanding the past in classic video games can help you understand where they will be going in the future.
  • The History of the Gameboy: The Grandfather of Handheld Gaming
    The Game Boy is one of the oldest consoles in existence. However, it has gone through many changes over the years, evolving into one of the most successful handheld console systems ever created.


  • A History of SEGA Game Consoles
    Today SEGA are a third-party game publisher, but they also developed a number of game consoles before they abandoned console hardware. This SEGA console timeline provides a chronology of SEGA's game consoles dating back to their first consoles of the early '80s up the Dreamcast.
  • Top 5 Sega Genesis Games That Need to Be Released on the Virtual Console
    The Virtual Console is one of the best parts of owning a Wii. Though there are great titles out there, there are five Genesis titles that are missing from the VC. These five titles represent what made the Genesis and the 90s era of gaming so special.
  • Review of the Sega Genesis Retrogen Handheld Game console: Who's Up For Playing Sega Genesis Games?
    Fans of the Sega Genesis game console used to be stuck in front of the TV. But not if they have have the Sega Genesis Retrogen Handheld Game console, they aren't. Pop a Sega Genesis cartridge into the slot and play the 16-bit game in full color on the portable LCD screen. Hurray for retro!
  • Sega Genesis Games Get Retro-Bit Fitted For Play
    Remember those great Sega Genesis games? Want to play them again without having to sit down at a computer or TV? So pull out some batteries and power up the retro-bit. It's like having a Game Gear again, but with the graphics and quality of the Sega Genesis built into a hand held.
  • Why the Sega Saturn Needs to Be Represented on the Virtual Console
    While it won't make many lists for the greatest home consoles, the Sega Saturn holds a special place in gaming history. Though it was obliterated by the PlayStation, it was the second most successful console of the era and had some classic titles. As such, these titles need to be released on the VC.

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