Metal Gear

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    • Metal Gear Series Hitting PS3 Soon
      With fans desperate to play the games on their current generation consoles, Konami have finally given them what they desire – they will be releasing the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection in November.
    • Choosing the best skills in MGO
      Use your skill slots wisely by planning the best skills for your play style with this handy guide.
    • Metal Gear Solid - Drawings Gallery
      Yoji Shinkawa is well respected in the gaming community. This respect has formed due to his collaborative efforts with the Metal Gear series. His art has been showcased throughout the tenure of the game and is still admired to this day. This article provides a gallery selection of his work.
    • Revamping Raiden - How The Criticised Recruit Was Redesigned In MGS4
      Raiden entered the Metal Gear franchise as a whiny recruit often found at a loss for insight or determined, chiseled chicanery. This was widely criticised at the time of his debut in Metal Gear Solid 2. By the time he returned, things had changed however, and this article looks into what changed.
    • Metal Gear Retrospective #01: Metal Gear & Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake
      Its been over 23 years since Hideo Kojima became a name worth remembering. This series of articles is designed to catalogue and provide a retrospective for his most famous works; the Metal Gear series. First up are the two NES/MSX2 releases, Metal Gear & Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.
    • Master the Basics of Metal Gear Online
      Getting winning stats in Metal Gear Online starts with learning the fundamental techniques of the game. These tips will help you get a grip on the basics.
    • Metal Gear Online Strategy Guide For the PS3
      Metal Gear Online sets itself apart from other video game shooters with more strategic possibilities and depth, adding the best parts of the Metal Gear experience to an otherwise familiar genre. Learning how to master those strategies will give players an edge over the competition.