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  • Metal Gear Series Hitting PS3 Soon
    With fans desperate to play the games on their current generation consoles, Konami have finally given them what they desire – they will be releasing the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection in November.
  • Choosing the best skills in MGO
    Use your skill slots wisely by planning the best skills for your play style with this handy guide.
  • Metal Gear Solid - Drawings Gallery
    Yoji Shinkawa is well respected in the gaming community. This respect has formed due to his collaborative efforts with the Metal Gear series. His art has been showcased throughout the tenure of the game and is still admired to this day. This article provides a gallery selection of his work.
  • Revamping Raiden - How The Criticised Recruit Was Redesigned In MGS4
    Raiden entered the Metal Gear franchise as a whiny recruit often found at a loss for insight or determined, chiseled chicanery. This was widely criticised at the time of his debut in Metal Gear Solid 2. By the time he returned, things had changed however, and this article looks into what changed.
  • Metal Gear Retrospective #01: Metal Gear & Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake
    Its been over 23 years since Hideo Kojima became a name worth remembering. This series of articles is designed to catalogue and provide a retrospective for his most famous works; the Metal Gear series. First up are the two NES/MSX2 releases, Metal Gear & Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.

Metal Gear Solid

  • A Guide To Meryl Silverburgh
    Some peculiar choices by creator Hideo Kojima led to Meryl being an ancillary protagonist by the end of the game's run. After being at the forefront of events in the first Metal Gear Solid, she was absent from MGS2. This article looks at the character and where she fits in the world of Metal Gear.
  • Character Profile of Raiden in Metal Gear Solid
    One of the most divisive characters to ever be controlled by game players, Raiden is sometimes misunderstood and oft wrongly criticised. This article tries to paint a different picture of Raiden, detailing the thematic design choices for his inclusion into Metal Gear Solid 2.
  • A History of The Cardboard Box
    An almost universally known concept, due in part to its cross-game appearances, the cardboard box in Metal Gear Solid is one of the standout inanimate objects in gaming. This article looks into the Metal Gear Solid box a little further, explaining what it does in the games.
  • Metal Gear Solid: An Explanation of Philanthropy
    Philanthropy in the Metal Gear universe has slightly different definition to that of our real world. Taken as the name for an anti-Metal Gear organization, both Snake and Otacon use its UN accredited existence to fight against the use of these destructive weapons. Read on for more on Philanthropy.
  • Metal Gear Solid: A Look At Series Antagonist Liquid Snake
    Liquid Snake is perhaps the second most famous villain in the Metal Gear Solid pantheon, behind Revolver Ocelot. This article looks into what actually happened in the events of Metal Gear Solid and whehter Liquid's arm was indeed controlling Ocelot by the fourth MGS release.