Halo Series


  • A Guide to Halo
    Mastering the Halo franchise is a long and difficult process. With tens of thousands of other players trying to become the best possible player any edge is worth the effort. These tips and tricks can help you to become the best possible player.
  • Think You're Elite? Prove it in the Definitive Halo Quiz!
    Do you like to play a lot of Halo? Test you knowledge about the games with this all-encompassing quiz about the characters, the enemies, the weapons, and much more.
  • The Tenth Anniversary of Halo
    The Halo series has been one of the best game series on any gaming console. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Halo, this article covers the history of this great game series back to the first Halo game and up to the Halo games of 2011.
  • Brush Up Your Halo: Combat Evolved Skills
    The Halo game series is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2011. If you have not already played the game you should as it's a recommended game title that is being celebrated with the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary game. Here are a number of tips for the first Halo game.
  • Review: Halo: Combat Evolved for Windows PC
    Bungie’s smash hit, Halo: Combat Evolved, brought a revolution in first-person shooters. Story-driven action, vehicles that can be used in multiplayer and superior gameplay made Halo a classic.

Halo 3

  • Achievements and Unlockables for the Halo 3 Expansion Pack
    The expansion pack of Halo 3 has plenty of achievements to be unlocked. One of these will also help you to unbolt the rare Recon Armor. You can also unlock characters and missions in the new Firefight game mode.
  • How to Mod Halo 3 Maps
    Modifying Halo 3 maps is not a hardd thing to do. If you need to figure the process out, read on.
  • How to Play Halo 3 On Xbox Live For Free
    This guide will help those of you wanting to play Halo 3 online without having to pay any Xbox Live Gold Membership fees.
  • Top 5 Halo 3 Sniper Montages
    Halo 3 is an outstanding game. Three years since it's release and it still stands as one of the most played games on Xbox Live. The amount of players who have turned professional have undoubtedly increased, and so have the montages, Sniper Rifle montages in particular.
  • Halo 3 Hoedown lyrics
    Halo 3 Hoedown lyrics will have you on the floor laughing. The video of the Halo 3 hoedown is hilarious but the Halo 3 Hoedown lyrics are equally amusing when transcribed in full. Read through each and every line of the hilarious Halo 3 Hoedown lyrics.

Halo Reach

  • Guide to Nailing Multiplayer in Halo: Reach
    Are you waiting to respawn more than you're actually playing on Halo: Reach? Have you noticed that you're always on the bottom of the scoreboard? Then you need this guide to teach you how to improve your Halo: Reach multiplayer skills.
  • Halo: Reach Walkthrough: "Rebels Don't Leave Plasma Burns"
    The second portion of the Halo: Reach "Winter Contingency" level is the "Rebels Don't Leave Plasma Burns" chapter, beginning at rally point alpha. You'll secure a pair of facilities overrun with Covenant before covering the retreat of a pinned-down trooper squadron.
  • Halo: Reach Walkthrough: "Winter Contingency"
    Part one of our Halo: Reach walkthrough covers the first third of the "Winter Contingency" mission. You'll investigate some local disturbances, only to discover the horrifying truth behind them: the Covenant have landed on Reach.
  • Halo: Reach Walkthrough: Visegrad Relay Outpost
    The final chapter of Halo: Reach's first level, "Winter Contingency," starts with a large firefight in the facility's courtyard. Once you're safely inside, you'll have to track down a pair of Elites in the bowels of the facility.
  • Halo Reach : Credit Farming
    A very detailed guide on how to earn Credits in Halo Reach without the usage of cheats, hacks and glitches. This guide includes both Online and Offline methods for Credit farming.