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What’s Your Favorite Console? A Quiz on the Console Wars

Today the console wars are terribly out of hand, with people fighting daily on message boards and comment sections about why their system is the best and everyone else is dumb. Do you have what it takes to ace a quiz about everything there is to know about the console wars?

RPG Game Concepts: What Games Got Us Here?

The computer role-playing game expanded upon the tradition of pen-and-paper campaigns, though to a more limited extent. How much do you know about it? Answer these 26 questions and find out.

The Best Namco Games to Get Into

Namco has been in the gaming business for many years. They have grown in popularity due to the golden age of arcade gaming in the 1980’s. Now a full fledged company called Namco-Bandai, they have numerous games that gamers will forever remember.

Game Console History 2000 – 2011

An interesting account of console history, this article covers the recent history of game consoles from 2000 up to 2011, otherwise the present day. As such, all the noteworthy consoles of the period from the PlayStation 2 up to the Nintendo Wii are included.

Video Game Cliches: The Most Overused

Saving princesses, slaying magical beasts, getting some air time in your robotic mech. These are a few of the most common cliches to hit the video game industry. Here are the top cliches that appear in popular video games without you even realizing it.