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An eclectic collection of of articles on popular and retro video games that do not neatly fit into the genres featured on the site. AlteredGamer.com provides video game walkthroughs, reviews, beginner and advanced game play guides, cheats, and more, all written by experienced gamers.

Dead Nation Review

A review for Dead Nation, a downloadable title from the PSN that’s a Playstation 3 exclusive. It’s a twin-stick shooter from the people who created Super Stardust HD that sees you blasting away hordes of zombies.

Is Portal 2 Overrated?

Portal 2 is the long-awaited sequel to Valve’s Portal, and fans of the original have been gushing about the sequel since before it was released. The game has drawn some criticisms as well, however. So is Portal 2 overrated? It depends on who you ask.