Lord of Arcana Preview

Square Enix is taking a page out of Capcom’s book with their own monster hunting title for the PSP. Lord of Arcana is an action RPG that features similar gameplay elements to the Monster Hunter series, character modification, and online co-op.

God Eater Burst Preview

Namco Bandai’s God Eater Burst is an action-adventure PSP title that borrows elements from the Monster Hunter franchise. Unlike Capcom’s popular series, though, God Eater Burst puts a lot of emphasis on plot and character development.

Age of Zombies PSP Review

Halfbrick have produced a delightful, fun product in Age of Zombies. The chibi-style aesthetics and top down perspective of the game add variety to the otherwise overdone genre of horror games saturating the market. And then there’s the big selling point – it costs only $5.

Dante’s Inferno Xbox Review

Dante’s Inferno sends you to the depths of hell in search of your scorned Fiancée. As you face the personification of the deadly sins you will be thrown deep in to an entertaining story. Hoewver the game has received some criticism, fin out more in this fantastic Dante’s Inferno Xbox review.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite PSP Review

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite boasts an incredible amount of content. There are hundreds of quests to conquer, thousands of unique equipment upgrades, and a horde of monsters to slay. It is a rewarding experience, but stodgy camera controls and a steep learning curve may mean its not for everyone.