Okamiden Preview

Okamiden is the spiritual successor to the cult classic game Okami. Set in ancient Japan, Okamiden follows the exploits of Chibiterasu, the pup of Amaterasu, as he tries to save the land from doom and peril.

Upcoming Game: Sakura Note

The makers of Contact (DS) has presented us with a new game. Meet Sakura Note, a spiritual successor to Contact. Created by an “all-star team” composed of the well-known video game designers, Sakura Note will be much better than we thought it was.

Nintendo DS Gamers The Dark Spire Review

The Dark Spire is a extreme challenge, requiring grinding and reloading to make it through, but the puzzles are interesting and engaging to play, and the encounters keep you entertained and satisfied. This RPG is more in the vein of the old type RPG adventure, but it should still interest many.