Video Game Development

Game Development

Find information on game theory and the game development process, take a look at some indie developers worth watching, and learn how you can become a video game tester.
  • A Look at Canadian Game Developers
    In the early days of video games, the industry only really thrived in Japan and the U.S. because that was where the majority of games where developed. As times change, the whole world has a part to play in game development. Here we look at famous games from Canada.
  • Head Up Display: An Investigation Into Characteristics of Video Game HUD's
    Born from necessity, the video game HUD is often required in order to convey vital information to the user in a simple and effective manner. There are plenty of examples of this and the purpose of this article is to comment on some of the tropes of certain genres and head up displays in general.
  • An Overview of Role-Playing Game Development
    Role-playing games are a popular form of entertainment, but creating an RPG from scratch takes planning and dedication. There are several things which must be considered when you developing role-playing games, including the general theme of the game and the types of actions it will contain.
  • Make your own MMO! Part Two!
    Ready to make the team for the project that may be the next World of Warcraft. Maybe you still need to know your RPG from your RTS. Perhaps you just want to make something that satisfies you and your hard work. Either way, you need something to help you along the way, and this guide will do it!
  • The Importance of Diegesis In Video Game Design
    Diegesis in video game parlance can be described as in-game storytelling or usage of sound, visual or other elements to portray information to the player, without the need for an external contrivance or menu. This article looks into the subject of diegesis in video game design.

RPG Maker

Tutorials and how-to advice on using RPG Maker to design and build your own role playing game. This series of articles helps beginners through their first build, and provides custom and advanced techniques more experienced game creators will find useful.