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  • Comprehensive Guide to the Diablo Franchise
    Hack’n’slash and adventure fans will fondly remember the first two instalments of Diablo, the popular action-RPG by Blizzard Entertainment. Should you wish to relive old times consult Bright Hub’s guide on all things Diablo, including previews of the upcoming third game.
  • Best Diablo Clones Series
    A complete reference for the best and most successful Diablo Clone Games, with complete walkthroughs and guides. Learn more about Titan Quest, Torchlight, the Sacred Series, and the Dungeon Siege games.
  • The Diablo Sorcerer’s Spellbook: An Overview Of Magic In Diablo
    While all characters in Diablo can use magic to some extent, it is the Sorcerer who will rely most on the arcane arts throughout the game. Here, we’ll look at the various spells available in the game, starting with an overview of the Magic system.
  • The Ultimate Diablo Battle Chest Review
    The Diablo Battle Chest has been thriving upon store shelves for years, feeding the needy urges for fast-paced and class-based combat that gamers require. Since its creation many games have come and gone, why has this collection remained at the top of the stack? Read on to see how it fares today.
  • The Diablo Sorcerer’s Spellbook: Spells – Level Three Spells for Diablo Characters
    Level 3 spells in Diablo contain some of the most potent and useful spells in the game, and include Phasing, Mana Shield, Elemental, Fireball, Flame Wave, Chain Lightning and Guardian.

Diablo 2

Diablo 3

  • Slow Start for Diablo III in North America, But Worth the Wait
    After 12 years of waiting, what’s a few more hours or days?
  • Diablo 3: Beginner's Guide to the Monk
    Love Kung-Fu movies? Hate demons? The Diablo 3 Monk class is perfect for you. Imbued with the Holy Power of his own Holy Spirit, the Monk demolishes demons with his fists and feet of fury. Want to learn more? Then keep reading the Diablo 3 Monk Guide for Beginners.
  • Diablo 3 Demon Hunter - A Beginner's Guide
    Blizzard's newest mega-blockbuster game is the latest Diablo game, and one of the best parts of the game is the Diablo 3 Demon Hunter. If you like exploding arrows, throwing knives, grenades and more, than check out the best Diablo 3 Demon Hunter guide for beginners out today.
  • Countdown to the Release of Diablo III - Diablo 3 Preview
    After years of replaying Diablo II and Diablo II expansions while waiting for Blizzard to confirm development of a sequel, we are finally counting down to the release of Diablo III! Diablo 3 previews are beginning to emerge on the net, and it is apparent that Blizzard has many changes in store.
  • Diablo III Characters - a Diablo III Preview
    Blizzard has announced four Diablo III Characters so far: the Wizard, the Barbarian, the Witch Doctor, and the Monk. Videos and character concept images have revealed a number of details for each character class, including techniques each character has been confirmed to have available.
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