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    • Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution - A PC Style Sim Game for the XBox 360
      Civilization Revolution for the Xbox 360 game console is based on Sid Meiers city building series for the PC. Create a power empire using technology, diplomacy, economics, and culture. See the beginning of different ancient civilizations up until the space age.Play or pass this sim game? You decide.
    • Civilization 3 Review
      Civilization 3 has a much simpler interface and easy diplomacy setup than the previous games. The graphics have improved and many additional victory conditions have been added, including the space race victory, but the overall look and feel of the game remains the same.
    • Freeciv Strategy: Conquering the World in Three Easy Steps
      Freeciv is a freeware game developed in the spirit of Civilization II. As such, it is all about world domination. Conquering the world isn't easy, but like Civilization II there is undoubtedly a dominate strategy - expand, expand, expand!
    • Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution PS3: Review
      This is a familiar Civilization game in the series adapted for the video game console which plays a lot quicker than the previous PC games. If you need a quick fix of Civ and do not have a good 40 hours of game time to invest on the PC this is the game for you.
    • Advanced Civilization Retro Strategy Review
      Avalon Hill's Advanced Civilization is the PC adaptation of the original Avalon Hill game Advanced Civilization, an expansion pack to the original board game that inspired the best selling Sid Meier-designed game.
    • A Biography of Sid Meier
      Sid Meier is one of the most important names in PC gaming, whose ability as a games designer has produced one of the most successful PC games franchises in Civilization, a game for whom the word "addictive" could have been originally coined.