How To Gain Aldor Reputation: World of Warcraft Mini Guide to Gaining Aldor Reputation – Part 1

From neutral to honored…

Once you hit the coveted level 70 mark in World of Warcraft, you must choose to align your toon with either Aldor or Scryer. Each faction offers different perks and different abilities, so you need to know exactly what both offer and how you go about raising your reputation with both. For those who decide to choose to go with Aldor, here is your mini guide to raising your reputation with them as well as the inscriptions that they offer and the perks that different professions get with this side.

The Aldor is the other side of an ancient order that was formed by the Draenei Priests and revere the Naaru, or the Sha’tar. The Sha’tar are in a never ending battle against the Illidan and the Burning Legion, and those who choose Aldor will mainly be helping in their fight against them. Aldor quests mainly take you over into Shadowmoon Valley and throughout the areas around Shattrath City, where the Aldor holy temple sits on Aldor Rise. For centuries, the Aldor have been enemies with the Blood Elves, but this does not mean that any player who is a Blood Elf cannot become aligned with the Aldor, it just means that you have to work your way up. Draenei will automatically be friendly with the Aldor, but can also switch sides if they wish.

Just about every other race will start out neutral though, so you simply need to start out getting the quests and doing all the daily ones to raise your reputation with them as quickly as you can. To begin this, you will need to find Khadgar in Shattrath City and choose the Aldor side. Keep in mind that when you choose Aldor and begin to raise your reputation with them, your reputation with Scryer will go way down.

You will want to start off with the repeatable quests that the Aldor quest givers offer that you can do daily. Some of the quests that you always want to pick up include the quests that will have you turn in different items to gain reputation points with Aldor, as these help your reputation jump quicker than you realize. One of the main items that you can get that you can turn in over and over are the Marks of Kil’jaeden. You start off turning in 10 at a time for reputation, then you move up to turning in 25 at a time. To go from friendly to honored with Aldor, you will need 250 Marks of Kil’jaeden to turn in for these quests.

Where do you get these marks? Well, the best place is to grind on the Burning Legion that are found throughout the Outlands, like in the camps that are in the Terrokar Forest, north of Auchindoun. Killing these mobs will also raise your reputation with the Sha’tar, but if you want to raise your reputation with the Mag’har or Kurenai, you can also grind for the Marks on orcs at Kil’Sorrow Fortress in Nagrand.

The next part of this mini guide will help you go from honored to exalted and beyond!

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