How to Get Attuned for Karazhan - Getting Prepared for The Karazhan Instance in World Of Warcraft - Part One Mini Guide

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The first steps in the process…

Now that you are a level 70, you are ready to hit those raids for the great gear and loot that drops. One of the main raid instances that you will hit is Karazhan. Before you can head to Karazhan though, there is a specific order that you have to do other instances in so that you can get attuned for the Karazhan instance. But what is attunement you ask – well, this just means that you have to do some special things before you are able to go into that raid instance. So, to get you attuned for Karazhan, here is the order that you will need to hit the specific instances in so that you can head into Karazhan.

First, you will need to fly to either Duskwood (for Alliance players) or Swamp of Sorrows (for Horde players) and then ride to Deadwind Pass. This is where Karazhan is. If you have not already discovered Karazhan, or you have no idea where to go, then has a great map and layout to get you there. Now, once you are at the entrance to Karazhan, you will talk to the NPC in front of the biggest building there. He will then give you two quests that you need to do. You have to get them both, and you have to do them both. When you get them done, turn them back in to him and get the third quest from him, which is actually the first part to the Karazhan attunement.

Now, from here, Alliance players will by flying to Southshore, and Horde players will be flying to Tarren Mill. You will talk to the NPC that the quest tells you to talk to in your respective area and that NPC will then send you to Shatt’rath City to the NPC that is in the very middle of Shatt’rath. When you talk to this NPC, he will give you the quest for the first key fragment that you need, which is the quest for Shadow Labyrinth. If you know someone with the key for Shadow Labs, then you can actually skip this step completely.

In the next part of this article, I’ll take you through what you need to do to finish up Shadow Labs and head on to the rest of the instances so that you can get attuned for Karazhan – which does not take that long at all!