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World of Warcraft has three secondary professions, but the most fun of these is the fishing profession. Don your fishing cap and strap on an Iron Fishing pole (don’t forget your lures!) and head down to a local water source to see what treasures you can fish out. These are the fishing daily quests that are available in the game up to through the Burning Crusade expansion.

The 2.4 patch brought the addition of the daily fishing quests into the game. These are always handed out by the NPC Old Man Barlo just outside of Shattrath City. They are randomized and you need to really check daily to see what is available. You will also need at least a level one fishing skill and a character that is level seventy. You will be travelling across Outland to different locations.

These daily fishing quests give out the Bag of Fishing Treasures as a reward and gives the participant grey and gold items. You have chances to receive one of the four rare pets after finishing up the Crocolisks in the City Quest that are Muckbreath’s Bucket, Snarly’s Bucket, Toothy’s Bucket or Chuck’s Bucket. Random things that can be received include Captain’s Rumsey’s Lager, Spun Truesilver Fishing Line, Weather Beaten Fishing Hat, Sharpened Fish Hook, Elixir of Water Walking, and Weather Beaten Journal.

Daily Quests

Crocolisks in the City (Stormwind or Orgrimmar)

Felblood Fillet (Hellfire Peninsula or Shadowmoon Valley)

The One that Got Away (Nagrand)

Shrimpin’ Ain’t Easy (Zangarmarsh)

Bait Bandits (Terokkar Forest)

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