How to Play the Auction House

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Playing the Auction House

The auction house is where you will make the majority of your cash. Selling items on the auction house can be a bit overwhelming for noobs, but it doesn’t have to be any longer!

The first trick you need to know is to download the Auctioneer addon from This is a program that will help you scan the AH (auction house) for the current value on items that you have or need. The addon will also allow you to find the current prices of items faster than if you were to simply search on your own. There are also some other great addons that will help you out so much, no matter where you are in game, such as Swatter!

Here are some of the top items that sell on the AH and where you can find them:

Pets – for some reason, players love having pets, and with the new achievements, they go for a ton of cash now. What’s even better is, pets are useless, unless you’re a Hunter. But, they sell like hotcakes on the AH. You can buy them from vendors and then resell them on the AH. The trick to this is that you need to find the pets that aren’t common.

One great selling pet on any server are Anaconda Chickens, and you can find this vendor in the Thousand Needles area. You have to do a quest for him first, but once you are able to buy them, they resell great! You can also purchase kittens from “Timmy” in SW. He is hard to find, as he wanders all over, which is why kittens go for a good amount on the AH. But, you can check for either “Lil Timmy” or “Donna Anthania” (who is known as the crazy cat lady in Elwynn). You can also purchase Prairie Dogs from Halpa in TB. There are several other vendors who sell pets, and Mechanical Squirrels or Yetis are going like nobody’s business on all the servers right now, so if you can pick these up from a vendor, you can make a ton of cash!

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