Step By Step Guide to Engineering in WoW: Trade Skill Guides for 3.2 and Beyond for the Most Popular MMORPG Including WoW 3.2 Changes

Step By Step Guide to Engineering in WoW: Trade Skill Guides for 3.2 and Beyond for the Most Popular MMORPG Including WoW 3.2 Changes
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Introduction to Engineering in WoW

At the dawn of World of Warcraft Engineering used to be a profession mainly focused on its usefulness specifically for PvP, (Player vs Player). But that is not the case anymore. This profession has had a lot of changes in the past few major content releases of World of Warcraft with a lot of cool new additions to attract all kinds of players in general. Epic head gear, useful trinkets, guns, bullets, arrows, scopes, ability to use cool gadgets, portable mailbox/repair bots are some of the things that come to my mind. And not to forget, “THE EPIC Mechano Hog”

Engineering is best coupled with mining as your secondary profession similar to Jewelcrafting which also benefits a lot from mining, unlike Inscription or Alchemy which benefit a lot more with having herbalism as your secondary profession. The reason is quite obvious here. You would need a lot of ores/bars of different kinds varying from old school stuff in Azeroth upto Northrend. The sheer amount of gold required to be invested would itself make it a smart choice to go with mining as your 2nd profession, although it’s not mandatory if you have the money supply coming from one of your other characters to fund you through.

Taking up Engineering as your profession not only allows you to make cool gadgets, bombs etc.. but also craft your own mounts to travel around the world, be it ground mounts or flying. Also similar to some other crafting professions like Tailoring or Leatherworking, Engineering also gives you an option to choose a specialization which are either Goblin or Gnomish. Each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages which we will discuss in detail later. But it’s not going to be a game breaker if you choose one over the other.

Having said that much for introduction, let’s get straight down to business…

Getting Started: Approximate Engineering Materials required

  • Rough Stone - 40
  • Copper Bar - 100
  • Weak Flux - 50
  • Coarse Stone - 15
  • Linen Cloth - 39
  • Bronze Bar - 120
  • Moss Agate - 40
  • Heavy Stone - 40
  • Wool Cloth - 80
  • Medium Leather - 20
  • Steel Bar - 4
  • Solid Stone - 180
  • Mithril Bar - 140
  • Mageweave Cloth - 12
  • Dense Stone - 40
  • Thorium Bar - 130
  • Runecloth - 20
  • Fel Iron Bar - 95
  • Mote of Earth - 20
  • Mote of Fire - 10
  • Adamantite Bar - 40
  • Netherweave Cloth - 30
  • Cobalt Bar - 284
  • Frostweave Cloth - 8
  • Crystallized Water - 43
  • Crystallized Earth - 10
  • Borean Leather - 14
  • Eternal Shadow - 7
  • Saronite Bar - 340
  • Skinning Knife - 25
  • Minning Pick - 25
  • Blacksmithing Hammer - 25

Note: While leveling up engineering you would notice that items go from “red” to “green” very quickly as compared to other professions. And the number of skill points you would get is quite random. So I would suggest buying the mats as and when required.

Apprentice Engineering: 1 - 50

First thing you should do is get yourself one of these, Blacksmith Hammer and keep it with you in your bags all the time. A majority of


items which you will be creating with Engineering would require your character to be in possession of a Blacksmith Hammer and in proximity to an anvil. You can get it from any general vendor or trade supplies vendor that can be found in all major cities. You can also buy it from Blacksmith Supplies vendors, who are normally found next to Blacksmith trainers.

Learn Apprentice Engineering from any of the trainers found in major cities.

1 - 30: Grab some Rough Stone and make Rough Blasting Powder till you reach 30. You would require to make around 40 of these since the recipe turns yellow at 20.

31 - 50: Keep making Handful of Copper Bolts till you hit 50 skill points. You would end up making 34 of these approximately. Save these, you will need them later.

Journeyman Engineering: 51 - 125

51: Make an Arclight Spanner at this point.

Arclight Spanner

52 - 75: Make 24 of Copper Tube.

76 - 85: Grab some Coarse Stone and make 15 Coarse Blasting Powder. Save these again, you will be using it right away.

86 - 90: 5x Coarse Dynamite. Most of the stuff that you would be making at low levels will hardly sell on the Auction House. Keep this in mind.

91 - 100: Make 12 Copper Modulator.

101 - 105: Make 5 Practice Lock to get to 105. If you happen to play a rogue, you could make more of these to skill up your lockpicking.

106 - 120: Keep making Bronze Tubes till you reach the desired skill level which is 120. You would probably have to make 17 of these.

121 - 125: Make 5 Standard Scope to get to 125 and finish your Journeyman part of skilling up.

Expert Engineering: 126 - 200

126 - 150: Things start to get a little complicated from here on. You would need to make 40 of Heavy Blasting Powder and 20 of Whirring Bronze Gizmo. You would be needing them both later on. Making the given amount would get you to 150.

151 - 155: 20 of Bronze Framework here. Keep in mind that you may probably reach 160 skill points or even more. So if you do stop making these and proceed further, make more later on only if you need them.

156 - 175: Make 20 Explosive Sheep to get to 175. I know, Blizzard comes up with funny names sometimes :)

176: 1 x Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor. This may or may not give you skill point but it would be needed later on. Just have to make one of these items.

177 - 195: Make around 90 Solid Blasting Powder. Save these again. You will need them later.

196 - 200: Around 7 Mithril Tubes here to get to 200.

Artisan Engineering: 201 - 280

This is the point where you get to choose one of the specializations that the profession has to offer. At 200 skill level you can choose to specialize in Gnomish or Goblin Engineering. The main difference between the two is that Goblin Engineering focuses on the ability to craft different kinds of bombs, while Gnomish Engineering focuses on quirky gadgets and trinkets. Some items would require a specific specialization to use them while others don’t. Fortunately, most recipes crafted by one specialization can be used by both.

Here’s a list of recipes that are specific to each of the specializations:


Another difference would be the respective teleporters for each specialization and their locations. Gnomish Engineers can learn to teleport themselves to Gadgetzan (In Tanaris) and Toshley’s Station (In Blade’s Edge Mountains) at level 260 and 350 in Engineering respectively. Goblin Engineers have the option of Everlook (In Winterspring) and Area 52 (In Netherstorm). You can visit the teleporter operator with the appropriate skill level and specialization and the trainers would teach you the schematics for free.

And finally if you wish to change your specialization at a later stage, you can do so by visiting the respective trainers and unlearn the specialization for a fee of 150 gold. Ultimately it’s a matter of personal choice. Go with what you feel suits your playstyle and what you feel would be fun and enjoyable.

201 - 210: Now the real mithril madness begins. Make around 12 Unstable Triggers to get to 210.

211 - 225: Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs upto 225. You might have to make around 17 of them.

226 - 235: Make 20 Mithril Casings here. Save these too since you will need them later on.

236 - 245: 10 of Hi-Explosive Bomb. Quite useful at low levels for some extra damage or useful to get out of sticky situations.

246 - 250: 7 Mithril Gyro-Shot to get to 250.

251 - 260: Make 20 Dense Blasting Powder and save them for future use. If you dont happen to reach 260 by making these make some more of Mithril Gyro-Shot you previously made to get there.

261 - 280: Keep making Thorium Widget till you reach 280.

Master Engineering: 281 - 350

You can go to either Outland or Northrend to train yourself now. Refer to the trainer’s link above for a list of Engineering trainers.

281 - 285: Thankfully you wont be needing too much thorium while you are leveling. Can quickly switch to fel iron stuff once you hit 300 skill level. Make 5 Thorium Tube.

286 - 300: Use the Dense Blasting Powder you made before along with 40 Thorium bars and make 20 Thorium Shells. These can be sold to fellow hunters for some good profit.

Now it’s time for Fel Iron. Things are a little less complicated from now on although you would need to shell out a lot of money if you don’t have mining as your secondary profession.

301 - 310: Grab 50 Fel Iron Bars and make 50 Handful of Fel Iron Bolts.

311 - 320: Get Motes of Earth and Motes of Fire and make 10 Elemental Blasting Powder. Also, make 15 of Fel Iron Casing. Save them both as you will be using them soon. If you dont happen to reach 320, get there by making Fel Iron Bombs.

Fel Iron Musket

321 - 325: Use the Fel Iron Casing you just made along with the Handful of Fel Iron Bolts and Heavy Stock to make 5 Fel Iron Musket. This gun can be quite useful while leveling in Outland until you get another one with better stats on them.

326 - 335: Now use the Elemental Blasting Powder you made along with Handful of Fel Iron Bolts and Adamantite bar to make 10 Adamantite Grenade.

336 - 350: Finally make White Smoke Flare. Keep making these till you reach 350. Here is the recipe location for this item.

Grandmaster Engineering: 351 - 450

351 - 370: Most of the stuff that you would be making now would be used right away to skill up. Make Handful of Cobalt Bolts till you have 50 of them.

Note: When you craft Handful of Cobalt Bolts you can get 1 or 3 bolts because of its random nature.

371 - 377: Keep making Volatile Blasting Trigger till you have atleast 18 of them. Keep a check on your inventory.

Tip: You can use you “Engineering-Skinning” ability to scavenge any mechanical mob in Northrend to get some of these. Try Library Guardians in Storm Peaks.

378 - 385: Make 10 Overcharged Capacitor. Save all the above items along with this to make the next couple of stuff.

386 - 390: Get to 390 by making Explosive Decoy using some of the Volatile Blasting Trigger along with Frostweave Cloth. You would

Diamond-cut Refractor Scope

probably have to make around 8 of these.

391 - 400: Make 15 Froststeel Tube. If you happen to reach 400 then stop making them and only make more if you need it later on.

401 - 405: 5 of Diamond-cut Refractor Scope. Sells well on the AH since most hunters will be using them.

406 - 410: Make 5 Box of Bombs to get to 410.

Now comes the real money making part of this profession.

411 - 415: 15 of Mammoth Cutters. These things are used by almost all hunters that are into hardcore raiding. So you will definitely sell these for a lot of profit.

416 - 425: Craft some Saronite Razorheads. Will need to make around 25 to get to 425 skill level. Same as above will sell for a fortune.

Tip: Try to make good money by selling Mammoth Cutters and Saronite Razorheads asap. It is rumored that the whole ammunition system of hunters might be revamped soon in the coming few patches. So make good use of it while you can.

426 - 430: Make around 7 of Mechanized Snow Goggles. If you happen to be a Goblin Engineer you can skip this and make Goblin Thermal Sapper Charge upto 435. If not proceed down to the next part.

431 - 435: 5 of these - Noise Machine. A very nice and useful trinket that can be used by yourself if you happen to play a caster or can be sold to other fellow Engineers.

436 - 450: This last part is a little bit tricky. You can keep making Gnomish Army Knife all the way to 450. Although at 440 you can make your epic Engineering Helm. So if you want to get to 450 anyhow I’d suggest waiting on making that epic helm until you reach 445. Reason being there are ony green recipes at that point while the Epic Goggles are still orange to you.

Goodluck on your journey to 450 in Engineering. Hope you liked this guide and could pick up some useful tips from it. So long then…

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