World of Warcraft Master Recipes – 325-350 Cooking Levels

The Cooking Gourmet

In part one of this series on the master level of the World of Warcraft cooking profession, we went into the actual profession, getting started early, and learning what the level is to be an official master. In that article, we looked at some of the recipes that you could make from level 300 up to level 325.

One of the big perks of being a master cook is that you should be eligible for some of the achievements when you start cooking higher quality meals. While this can start as early as you begin on your master chef path, there are some achievements that you can only get when you reach a certain level in both character and of course profession skills.

But first, you should learn a little about the recipes you'll get a chance to create once you hit level 325 and go to 350.

Cooking Recipes for 325-350

  • Hot Apple Cider – obtained at level 325 from a vendor; restores 7200 mana, while giving 20 points to stamina and spirit for 30 minutes.
  • Spicy Hot Talbuk – obtained at level 325 from one of the daily quest drops for the cooking profession; restores 7500 health, while gaining 20 points to your hit rating and spirit for 30 minutes.
  • Roasted Clefthoof – obtained at level 325 from a vendor; restores 7500 health, as well as giving 20 points to both strength and spirit for 30 minutes.
  • Crunchy Serpent – obtained at level 335 from the "Mok'Nathal Treats" quest in Blade's Edge Mountains; restores 7500 health,
    Crunchy Serpent Cooking Recipe

    while gaining 23 points to your spell power and 20 points to spirit for 30 minutes. This quest also gives the Mok'Nathal Shortribs dish and recipe.

  • Mok'Nathal Shortribs – see Crunchy Serpent recipe above.
  • Fisherman's Feast – obtained at level 350 from your cooking trainer; restores 7500 health, while giving 30 points to stamina and 20 points to spirit for 30 minutes.
  • Hot Buttered Trout – obtained at level 350 form your cooking trainer; restores 7500 health and 7200 mana.
  • Shoveltusk Steak – obtained at level 350 from your cooking trainer; restores 22500 health, while giving 35 points to spell power and 30 points to stamina for one hour.
  • Rhino Dogs – obtained at level 350 from your cooking trainer; restores 22500 health, while granting 30 points to both spirit and stamina for one hour.
  • Kungaloosh – obtained at level 350 from the "Fletcher's Lost and Found" quest in the Dalaran Sewer (also known as the Underbelly); for spirited drinking after a successful mission, will restore 19,200 mana for 30 seconds.

Character Achievements

Since the introduction of the second expansion of Wrath of the Lich King, Blizzard inserted character achievements. These achievements are given when your character does something extraordinary; for example, when your character hits one of the milestone levels (10, 20, 30, 40, etc), you receive an achievement for reaching that particular level. The same is true for reaching a certain amount of money in your questing journey, as well as showing your friends you can too drink them under the table.

For the cooking profession, there are several different achievements that you can reach, just by cooking up some meals for you and your friends. The two highest achievements are that of the various continent gourmets and the Hail to the Chef achievement.

The gourmets are titles as you learn and cook in different continents of WoW. So far, there are three gourmet titles you can get – Cataclysmic, Northrend, and Outland. Cataclysmic is learning the recipes that are featured in the new expansion of Cataclysm, while both the Northrend and Outland ones are for learning the recipes on those continents.

Hail to the Chef is culmination of reaching the achievements on the list and provides players with the title of Chef. So you can go around Azeroth as Chef Draedenn, instead of just plain old Draedenn. The criteria for Hail to the Chef are listed below –

  • Grand Master Cook – obtain 450 points in cooking; Grand Master is the next level for cooks to reach, going from level 350 to 450
  • Kickin' it Up a Notch – complete the daily quests for The Rokk's
  • Second That Emotion – based on the hit for Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, cooks need to eat each of the four emotion foods
  • Our Daily Bread – based on the hymn line, cooks need to complete the daily quests form Awilo Lon'gomba in Dalaran
  • Sous Chef – learn 100 cooking recipes
  • Outland Gourmet – cook all of the recipes found in Outland
  • Northrend Gourmet – complete all of the recipes found in Northrend
  • The Cake Is Not a Lie – based on the events from the game Portal, cooks need to bake a tasty and delicious chocolate cake
  • Critter Gitter – "convince" 10 critters to be your pet with Critter Bites in 3 minutes or less
  • Dinner Impossible – prepare a great fest in each battleground
  • Captain Rumsey's Lager – brew some of the Captain's lager

Some of the recipes that you learn as a master chef will put you in the running for several of these achievements within the game. For instance, cooking Stormchops, Feltail Delight, Crunchy Serpent, and Mok'Natal Shortribs will put you in the running for the Outland Gourmet, which as noted is a requirement to achieve Hail to the Chef.

Making the Kungaloosh recipe puts you in the running for the Northrend Gourment, which is also a part of the Hail to the Chef achievement. The Northrend Gourmet also has three different recipe sets; all three are set in a series of fifteen to total all 45 recipes that you can learn and cook while traveling in Northrend.


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