WoW Healbot Addon: What is it, and how do I use it?

WoW Healbot Addon: What is it, and how do I use it?
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What is the WoW Healbot addon?

The Healbot add-on is a user-created, custom built UI designed primarily for healers in World of Warcraft. Healbot is not created or supported by Blizzard Entertainment, nor is it a bot. Healbot may be safely downloaded from

Healbot is a specialized “raid frame,” a graphical interface alternative to the default group and raid interface offered in World of Warcraft. The main draw of Healbot is not only its ability to customize the raid graphical interface, but its enabling of using abilities by simply clicking on the desired target’s health bar.

Reasons why you should consider Healbot include:

  • Being able to customize raid frames, including health bar color, fonts, size, positioning, and group sorting.
  • Being able to cast spells on targets within the raid frame via a single click, rather than targeting and then casting the spell.
  • Being able to highlight both curable and uncurable debuffs, including adding in custom debuffs.
  • Being able to “smart cast” on targets based on their condition (debuffs, resurrections, etc.)
  • Being able to set trinkets to auto-trigger on certain conditions.
  • Being able to reduce visual input by fading health bars below a certain “danger threshold” and fading bars out players out of range.
  • Being able to quickly assess the entire group or raid’s status (health, debuffs, death, etc.)

How to download and install the World of Warcraft Healbot Addon

Healbot is available from several WoW add-on sites, including Curse, WoW Interface, and IncGamers; however, the preferred site is, which is the official website for the addon and will always have the most up-to-date versions.

Healbot Enabled

To download the most current version of Healbot on its official site, click on “Latest Release” in the upper-left-hand menu. Save the file (in *.zip format) in your World of Warcraft > Interface > Addons directory (by default, C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons). If you have Windows Vista, try these instructions.

Once downloaded, visit your Addons folder and unzip the files into the same directory. If you had a previous version of Healbot, it is safe to override all old version of the files with the new versions - your personal settings will be saved.

Finally, log into World of Warcraft. On the bottom left of the Character Selection screen, choose AddOns and make sure that Healbot is enabled. If Healbot is there and enabled, you can now log in and begin setting up Healbot to your custom tastes.

Healbot Slash Commands

Although Healbot does offer a graphical customization interface, there are a few helpful slash commands to know:

  • /healbot or /hb will show/hide Healbot on your screen. /hb t also toggles Healbot.
  • /hb h will display help text for Healbot.
  • /hb d will restore Healbot to its defaults.
  • /hb ui will reload UI.
  • /hb rc will reset custom debuffs.
  • /hb cb will clear the black list.

Casting Chain Heal

Other Healbot slash commands include:

  • /hb o will toggle Healbot options.
  • /hb ri will reset Healbot.
  • /hb skin will switch skins.
  • /hb tr allows setting tank, healer, or DPS as priority for sub-sorting.
  • /hb rs resets skins to default.
  • /hb show resets the bars to the center.
  • /hb ss shares skins with other Healbot users.
  • /hb as toggles on or off the ability to receive skins from Healbot users.
  • /hb cspells will copy current spells to all specs
  • /hb rspells resets spells to defaults.
  • /hb rcures resets cures to defaults.
  • /hb rbuffs resets buffs to defaults.
  • /hb tt toggles Titan updates, turning on or off your heals shown next to the icon.
  • /hb suppress sound toggles suppress sound when using auto trinkets.
  • /hb suppress error toggles suppress errors when using auto trinkets.

Customizing Healbot: General

Healbot General Tab

On the General Tab of the Healbot options, you will find the following options:

Disable Healbot: Check this if you would like to disable Healbot, for times you may want to use it (for example when not in a raid, solo, or on an alt).

Show minimap button: The minimap button lets you quickly enter the options screen; however you can also enter this screen via slash command or through the Healbot UI.

Hide Options Button: By default, Healbot will offer an options button on the bottom of the frames that you can use to enter Healbot options.

Right click opens options: Set Healbot to open its options by right clicking on the Healbot frame itself (not player health bars).

Enable libQuickHealth: This uses the included settings to update health more often.

HealComm Method: Various communication methods (for advanced users).

Use CPU profiler: Monitors how much memory/CPU all addons are using. However, this itself is CPU intensive, and should generally be used for diagnostic purposes only.

HealBot Commands: Various commands that can be used (alternatives to the slash commands). Combined with Run.

Configure classes for: These options will set what type of classes that Healbot uses for both filtering and monitoring. This is generally set by your class, monitoring the same kind of buffs and debuffs that your class can manage.

Customizing Healbot: Spells

The spells tab enables players to set their spells on click for up to 15 customizable buttons.

Set Spells For allows you to decide whether these spells can be used on enabled or disabled bars. The Button dropdown allows you to select which mouse button you are customizing spells on click for.

Healbot Spells Tab

The remaining options allow you to set what spells you would like cast based on the mouse + key combination. Any helpful spell (including cleanses and misdirects) can be set. In addition to your available spells, you can also use the following commands:

  • Target
  • Assist
  • Focus
  • Menu (WoW’s default right click menu)
  • HBmenu
  • MainTank
  • MainAssist
  • Stop
  • Tell AnyMessage. (The message must be included in the command for this to work. For instance, “Tell Casting Guardian Spirit on you!” will work, “Tell” will not.)
  • Macros (simply use the name of the macro).

You may also choose whether to set spells to cast when the button is either pressed or released. The generally preferred method is to cast on release (this way, you can click and hold pre-emptively for a spell, and release the button when it is appropriate to cast.)

The Spells tab also allows you to choose whether or not to enable SmartCast, which will automatically cast certain spells when out of combat (in combat is disabled by Blizzard). This includes buffing, removing debuffs, healing, and resurrecting. You can also choose to avoid accidental PvP, which will prevent you from casting on a target that is PvP flagged when you are not.

Customizing Healbot: Skins

Healbot Skins

The Skins tab has several sub-tabs which allow players to highly customize their Healbot to their preferences.

The General tab allows you to choose to lock the raid frame, to choose where the raid frame is anchored when moving it, whether or not to hide party frames, whether to disable bars at over 100 yards, and to change the background and border color and opacity.

Healing allows you to choose what healing bars will be shown in the frames. You can also choose to enable a Target bar, and may set Alerts. Alerts determine at what percentage a bar’s opacity changes to become more active, helping you to see which players are actually in need of healing or danger. You may also choose which raid groups to show, and how to sort your frames (by group, class, max health, or not at all).

Headers allows you to show or hide the headers above groups and to change their graphical display.

Bars offers more options for graphical options including appearance, scaling, out of range and disabled opacity, and whether to color class bars or not.

Icons allows you to display HoT, debuff, Ready Check, and Raid Target icons on the bars. You may also choose where these icons will appear and at what scale. Options are also available to toggle showing the buffs of all classes self-buffs and abilities.

Aggro allows you to set up an aggro bar and monitor aggro, including flashing and highlighting the active player’s bar who has threat.

Inc. Heals allows you to show incoming heals on the bars, based on duration.

Chat enables you to notify yourself or others on spell casts.

Bar Text offers further customization of bars by changing the text and font options. This includes being able to show health deficiencies.

Icon Text offers further customization of the use of icons.

Customizing Healbot: Cure

Healbot Cure

The Cure tab allows players to set warnings for default and custom debuffs (disease, poison, curse, magic) on the raid frames. This also allows players to ignore debuffs, and to set what priority debuffs will show if multiple debuffs are present.

To set a custom debuff, select Custom and enter in the name or spell ID (found on WoWhead) of the debuff to monitor. Only one custom debuff can be monitored at a time, but custom debuffs can be monitored in addition to regular debuff types.

Bar colors and warning settings can also be changed. It’s particularly helpful to enable a sound warning on debuffs, as many encounters require quick debuff reactions.

Players are also advised to be cautious with custom debuffs, as it may distract from other debuffs that need to be cured. For example, when fighting the Lich King, having Infest can be useful for healers assigned to heal it, but for a healer assigned to cleanse the disease Necrotic Plague in phase one of the fight, Infest may cause a distraction that results in a player not being cleansed in time.

Customizing Healbot: Buffs and Tips

The Buffs tab allows players

Healbot Tooltip

to monitor self-buffs and raid buffs that they can cast. This will allow the addon to warn you if a buff is missing on a player by highlighting the bar in the decided color. If you don’t use other buff addons (such as ShieldsUp, PallyPower, or Power Auras), turning this part of the addon may prove useful.

The Tips tab changes tooltip options for the Healbot addon. This allows players to see tooltips as they mouseover players in the raid frame. It is highly recommended to turn off tooltips in combat as they can interfere with your ability to use other parts of the raid frame. The tooltips, however, will also offer optional detailed information, including what spell will be cast based on mouse+key combinations, as well as other options such as adding the player to the Blacklist.

When you’re done tweaking options, you can use the Test tab to turn on test bars and see if the settings are to your liking.