Tactics in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning – Overview Of Character Tactics in WAR

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Just What Are Tactics?

Tactics are the abilities that you “purchase” with points that you gain each time you up your level. These are just like the talents in World of Warcraft, and each different class and race will have special tactics that help them in the game. These tactics all make small changes to your toon, and you can easily change them when you aren’t in combat – unlike in World of Warcraft where you have to unlearn your talents from one of the trainers in the game. In Warhammer Online, players are able to specialize their toon in different ways so that they have a better grasp on any situation that they might come across. Such as the Black Orcs can get the tactic “I Hate Stunties” which will increase their damage that they can do to Dwarf players.

Using Tactics

Before you head into battle, you can choose and slot your tactics on your Strategy bar depending on what you think will be the most helpful to you. There are all different types of tactics, some will take up more space (such as two-three spaces for one tactic) because they are more powerful. So, this will give you an even better way to customize your toon just the way that you want him or her to be and helps to add to your strategy in the game itself.

Tactics also allow you to create one set that is geared for solo play and another that is more geared for groups, which is a great way to tweak your play at any time. And, you can easily switch tactics in your drop down menu in the user interface.

Tactic Slots

Now, as you go through Warhammer Online, you will gather up more tactical abilities than you have slots for. But, the tactics are divided into three different areas to help make it easier for you to choose where they need to go and how you want to use them. There are the general tactics that go into your Career Tactics slots, your RvR tactics that go into your Renown Tactics slots, and the PvE tactics that fall into the Tome Tactics slots.

Now, like I said, you only have a certain number of slots that you can use at one time, and they are: 4 Career Tactics, 2 Renown Tactics, and 1 Tome Tactic. So, you will have to play around with the different tactics as you get them in the game until you find the perfect mix that will help you in your preferred method of gaming.