Dark Elf Sorcerer / Sorceress Guide: Mastery Paths and Usages

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Mastery Paths

There are three mastery paths available to Sorcerers and Sorceresses. The player begins accumulating points to put into these paths starting at level 11. Mastery paths enhance some of the players existing abilities, and provides the player with other optional abilities that they can “purchase” with their mastery points. Choosing a tree is up to the discretion of the player, and their personal preference, playstyle, and in-game activities should have a bearing on that choice.

Path of Agony

The Dark Elf Sorcerer / Sorceress mastery Path of Agony is focused around the powerful caster’s direct single target damage spells. These spells are designed to inflict massive amounts of damage to one enemy at a time, in the most direct, brutal, and deadly way possible. This is the opposite of some of the other types of abilities available to the powerful sorceress, including Damage Over Time (DoT) and Area of Effect (AoE) abilities. This path is recommended for a player that does an equal mix of soloing and grouping, as it will allow them to be effective in all situations.

Path of Calamity

The Sorcerer / Sorceress mastery Path of Agony is focused around the caster’s longer duration spells and abilities. These abilities, known as Damage-Over-Time (DoTs) are designed to inflict a steady stream of destruction against an enemy, delivering a very slow and painful death. These abilities do not rely as much on the Dark Magic, minimizing backlash damage that the Sorceress takes. This path is extremely effective in RvR as it minimizes the damage the Sorcerer takes, while allowing them to attack multiple enemies at once, unloading a full range of DoT spells on one and then switching to the next and the next, until they’re all dead or their healer burns away all of their resources healing them.

Path of Destruction

The Dark Elf Sorceress mastery Path of Destruction is focused around the caster’s large area of effect spells, or AoE. These spells deal damage to multiple enemies simultaneously, and can be targeted around the Sorcerer, a single enemy, or an entire physical area. This path is highly effective for group situations, particularly RvR scenarios where large groups of enemies will pile up in a small area, like in the ruins of Mourkain Temple, a Tier 2 scenario. The Sorceresses AoE spells will deal large amounts to many enemies, while applying crippling debuffs that drain their power and defenses. It is not highly recommended for soloing as it can result in lower XP, slower kills, and very likely, death.