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Chosen Gear and Mastery Paths in Warhammer Online

by: MD Weems ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Now that you know what the Chosen stand for and how to play one, it's time to learn a bit about their gear and their mastery paths so you'll fully understand this tank archetype.

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    Chosen Gear

    For those who chose this career path, expect the strongest in armor as the Chosen use the heaviest that there is. You'll find that almost every piece of armor that you wear will be covered with heavy, dark spikes that will fully cover your body. Of course, you can customize the color with dyes, but the vast majority will be dark and dismal.

    When it comes to weapons, you'll either be using a one-handed and a shield or a massive two-handed weapon, whichever you prefer. While the shield gives you some blocking ability and some defense, the two-handed sword will do more damage over each hit. So, it's all personal preference on which you choose for your playing style.

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    Just like the other classes in Warhammer Online, the Chosen have three different mastery paths that they can choose from. These are the Path of Corruption, the Path of Discord, and the Path of Dread.

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    The Path of Corruption

    This path is for those that prefer to use their skills to ambush their enemies, waiting to unleash massive attacks and debuffs when their target least expects it. They are able to withstand a mountain of attacks from their target, allowing the target to wear themselves down before they then unleash their fury on them, outlasting their foes and bringing them down.

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    The Path of Discord

    This path is for those who want a more DPS feel to their tank. This path follows Tzeenth's arcane magic and they learn to yield it fluidly, unleashing massive magical attacks upon foes. They are then able to use their melee abilities to finish their targets off, in one swift kill. Now, don't let this path confuse you with the massive magic of the Magus - they are one of the strongest magic dealers in the whole game. But, their magic yielding abilities will help the Chosen in defeating other magic wielding foes.

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    The Path of Dread

    This path is one that most Chosen choose as it's the main offensive path for this class. The main focus is on raw power and attacks instead of magic or other forms of slowing down your foes. So when you choose this path, be prepared for the extra power and force that you'll gain over anyone who dares to stand in your way.