Black Guard Class for Warhammer Online - Overview of the Black Guard Character Class for WAR

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The Lore Behind the Black Guard

This highly trained, elite unity is the personal guard for Malekith, the Witch King of the Dark Elves. These guard members are extremely skilled in melee tactics, hand to hand fighting, weaponry, and armor, as well as being skilled to resist and repel magical attacks with ease. The Black Guard are the most feared in all of the lands, as they only answer to the Witch King and their captain, Kouran. They embody the coldness of the Dark Elves and employ all of their ruthless skills and attacks to win the fight, no matter what.

Trained from almost birth to become some of the most skilled and feared fighters in the lands, the Dark Elves that choose this career have a bloody path ahead of them. Those that survive the first parts of their training are them split into groups of 20 and made to fight each other until only one group is standing. After that battle, the Witch King then selects only the most skilled and the most powerful to join his elite Black Guard.

Black Guard Skills and Abilities

While there is even less known about the Dark Elf Black Guard career path, it is known that they will have a special skill called “Hatred” that they will be able to use to gain major hit points against an enemy. This skill will help to make them more powerful with each hit that they take, creating more hate against that enemy, so that they can unleash their fury on that mob when they choose to.


The Black Guard sounds like one heck of a fun tank to play. With it’s dark and evil beginnings, this career path will likely provide those who love to play the Forces of Destruction something special to play and give the other side something to fear. Since there is not much known about this new career path, you can expect that Mythic will be releasing more information about it as December nears.