The secrets of Age of Empires III - Blood Campaign

The secrets of Age of Empires III - Blood Campaign

Age of Empires III is a popular real-time computer strategy game, giving you the exciting opportunity to lead your people to ultimate conquest of the New World. The game has a built-in campaign – with several scenarios. This article will help you to understand the campaign issue and win battles.

Remembering Age of Empires

One interesting game, with a touch of historical realism and a magic that charmed a generation that wanted to play the conquest and strategies of the first civilizations. Age of Empires is truly one jewel of the video game history and a fun game that caused an impact on modern market.

PC Strategy Game Review: Age Of Empires Review

For those who love a good strategy PC game, any of the Age of Empires games are a great lot to choose from. But, before you head out and spend from $10-20 on one of the many different expansion packs, here is a review to let you know what you are in for. (This review only covers the Age of Empires and Expansion packs for I and II, not for III yet.)