Trainers for Rise of an Empire, to increase gold, resources and more.

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If you are finding the game too difficult you can use a trainer in order to increase your gold or for example the number of troops or population which you have. You can do this via a trainer which you can download at:

What a trainer effectively does is allow you to activate a cheat in the game easily by pressing a number on the Numpad of your keyboard. The download will provide an explanation of what each Number does which we will also include in this article for the benefit of people applying the trainer. The trainer was written for the original version of the PC game (vanilla).

‘Numpad’ numbers used

These are the standard Numbers which you can use in order for the cheat to take effect. You can always change the numbers if you wish, by downloading the ‘trainer customizer’ from the troubleshooting page.

Numpad 1 – This increases the number of Gold which you have to 100,000 and lets it stay that way throughout, despite however much you spend.

Numpad 2 – In the game your artisans need resources in order to produce goods. You can use this cheat if you are short on resources, which will set the resources in a building automatically to 3. You can click on a building and it will happen. Do not try a higher number than 3 as it will not work.

Numpad 3 – Select your barracks and this number will automatically set your troops to 6.

Numpad 4 – You can set your population to 1000 or 0, depending on what you need. This is useful to achieve some aims in the game, like knight-promotion for example.

Numpad 5 – You can also set your troops to 0 with this number. You will still have existing troops but the game will think you have no troops at all. This means that you can extend the number of your soldiers beyond what is originally allowed in the game, making you virtually invincible when enemies attack.

This is a summary of the trainer can do, although everything you need to know is included. If you need a more in-depth look of the specific things which the trainer does you can read the text file included.