Cheats for the Europa Universalis III game, how to get the console up

Cheats for the Europa Universalis III game, how to get the console up
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Activating the console

The way to activate cheats in ‘Europa Universalis’ is to bring up the console by pressing F12. If F12 isn’t working press ALT + 0167 (keep the ALT key depressed, then type in the numbers and release it). This brings up the ‘§’ key and the console should open. Should you have more problems please visit the thread at the paradoxplaza forum.

Once you have the console you can then type any of the following in order to alter an aspect of the game, and make it easier for you. Each code does something different as described, and they aren’t case sensitive:

Console Commands

cash – This gives you 5000 ducats, instead of normally getting your money from taxes or exports traded by your merchants. Just type it in more than once should you need more

prestige – Prestige indicates the success of your province and can range from -200 to a +200 value. Normally you would gain this by how successfully you play (i.e. winning wars, conquering territory) but you can instantly gain it with this command.

merchants – This will generate more merchants that you can send out to important trade centres, in distant provinces. This generates more income for your city in various ways.

diplomat – You need diplomats in order to maintain healthy relations with neighbouring provinces, as you can’t expect to declare war on each province and conquer every single territory. This adds five diplomats to your existing ‘diplomat pool’

discover - This will uncover an unavailable province which you can then trade with or interact in a number of ways. Don’t add the ‘<>’ signs but simply type ‘discover 251’ (for instance). For a complete list of province ID’s visit the EU3 wiki-page which features a comprehensive list of province ID’s.

colonist – In order to discover unexplored territories and increase your wealth and status of your province, you send colonists out to test the waters of unknown grounds (‘terra incognita’). This will add five colonists to your existing pool, which you can use.

missionary – The missionary pool works in a similar way to the diplomats. Missionaries are needed in order to convert distant lands to the religion of your province, and they are invaluable particularly as history unfolds in the game. This add more missionaries to your existing pool.


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