Strategy Games

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Pharaoh PC Game Review: Sierra Games

If you have read any of my reviews or articles, then you already know I’m a big fan of strategy games. I found Pharaoh on sale and thought that it looked interesting, and I was right. This is a review of the popular game to help you know how to play, what to expect, and let you know if it is the right game for you.

DEFCON: Everybody Dies Review: See If Everyone Really Does Die in This PC Real-Time Strategy Game

If there were ever to be a level of danger or imminent threat reached in which the world were to descend into thermonuclear warfare, DEFCON would be the game to simulate what that might be like. DEFCON is a real-time strategy where players are brought into the battle as the commander of the armed forces with full nuclear capabilities. Set in an alternate time line during the 1980’s, DEFCON places players in the commander’s role of the armed forces in a selected nation or group of nations. The ultimate goal is to attack and eradicate your opponent’s country while defending yours from destruction.