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    • Guide to Ships in Star Trek Online: Tier 3 Vessels
      Check out our guide for the full rundown on the Heavy Cruiser, Heavy Escort, and Research Science Vessel. Complete stats, including weapons slots, bridge stations, and console upgrade slots. Don't choose that Commander-level ship without first reading our guide.
    • Star Trek Online C Store Items: Character Customization
      Players looking to make changes to their existing character or create a new one using races unavailable to other players should check out the offerings in Cryptic's C Store. From playable races like the Klingon and Tellarite to the ability to rename or respec your character, the C Store has it all.
    • Guide to Ship Weaponry in Star Trek Online
      Among the many customization options in Star Trek Online is the ability to choose your weapon loadout. Our guide will help you make sense of all the options, with suggestions for tactics and information on each individual type of Torpedo, Mine, and Energy Weapon.
    • Guide to Federation Species in Star Trek Online
      There are nine unique species on the Federation side in Star Trek Online, each with their own individual bonuses and traits. Our guide will help you figure out the difference between an Andorian and a Vulcan, and provide you with a full listing of traits for each Federation species.
    • Guide to Character Creation in Star Trek Online
      The character creator for Star Trek Online provides players with a massive amount of choices when it comes to creating and customizing their in-game persona. Our guide covers all aspects of the process, from race and specialization selection to character customization.
    • Guide to Space Combat in Star Trek Online: Basic Tactics
      Space combat in Star Trek Online is a more methodical, some would argue plodding, version of traditional MMO combat mechanics. Maneuvering capital ships in space requires tactics, strategy, and planning. Find out more in our introduction to STO Space Combat.
    • Star Trek Online Mission Guide: "Diplomatic Orders"
      "Diplomatic Orders" gives Star Trek Online players their first introduction to both the Klingon Empire and the shapeshifting Undine. Take the battle to the Klingons in space and on the ground in this escort mission to the P'Jem system.
    • Star Trek Online Ship Customization Guide: Light Cruiser
      In Star Trek Online, the first ship most players find themselves upon is the Light Cruiser. With everyone captaining the same ship, it can be a little difficult to distinguish yourself. Our guide will help you create a ship that will stand out from the crowd.
    • Star Trek Online Mission Guide: "Hide and Seek"
      Hide and Seek is the third story mission you'll undertake as a Starfleet Lieutenant. In this journey into a dangerous nebula, you will do battle with Gorn forces and storm an illicit Klingon listening post.
    • Guide to Ships in Star Trek Online: Tier 4 Vessels
      Easily the most recognizable ship classes in the Star Trek universe, the Tactical Escort, Exploration Cruiser, and the Long-Range Science Vessel are your rewards upon reaching the rank of Captain. Our guide has full stats for ships personified in the USS Voyager, USS Defiant, and USS Enterprise-D.
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