Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for the PSP: Cheat That Will Save The Day

Welcome to Silent Hill

Like creepy games that are out to get you? Wonder if your PSP might grow arms and strangle you? Guess you can see that Silent Hill: Shattered Memories can make your mind sort of wander (like out of your head…). Finding your way around what is going on is no walk in the park (monsters aside), so it helps to "cheat" a little – heck a lot if you can. And for sure we’re more than happy to act in that capacity.

Your cell phone may be good for all the needs of a user interface (for viewing the map, calling folks, taking pictures, etc.) but nothing beats knowing what to do when you need to know it. And in this game that’s pretty much every step of the way once you’ve turned it on and committed yourself. The developers call it a way to "reimagine" their classic title, others might have names for it that aren’t as charitable.

Finding Phone numbers


Anyone remember the old “X-Files” TV show? The characters were one of the first to rely on cell phones for keeping in touch with each other or contacting people while “in the field.” You can get some help too – once you’ve gotten your hands on Harry’s cell phone — by calling locations or people for help (?)…well calling to try and help yourself anyway. Here’s a few numbers to get you started:

555-9400 will get you Alchemilla Hospital (name sounds nicer than it is)

Police number is 555-5253 (yeh, like they’ll be helping anytime soon)

Cybil can be reached at 555-2925

The Riverside Motel just needs a dialing at 555-4340 (happy place to stay? You kidding?)

And the United Fruitcake Outlet (not even worth making a joke, too easy) goes a jingling when you dial 555-3825

It’s All Alien To Us

Returning to the “X-Files” for a moment, what is it with aliens and small towns – don’t they ever long for the sights of the big City? Or maybe their travel budget can’t handle the costs? All that aside, what they’re up to should be a concern, even if all you want to do is work your way through the game while avoiding them (fat chance and good luck).

At any rate using your phone will do some real good – if you dial the number for the United Fruitcake factory (don’t get me started on this name), you’ll be able to photograph all of the locations where UFO’s are located (once you find them that is). What’s the number? Isn’t it listed somewhere else here? Well, OK — it’s 555-3825.

But the real trick is to get to that alternate ending which goes a bit off the beaten track, even for the developers. To get to it, that’s where photographing all of the UFO’s come in. You can’t unlock it until each of the luck “13’ have been added to the digital camera “roll.”

Finding Mementos

Finding Mementos

Some people collect stamps while others go for human skulls……what! Okay, don’t do that–just search for mementos that can help you make sense out of what’s going on as well as help you keep yourself alive so you’re not fighting just to avoid a pushing up daisies. Here’s where you need to be to some good mementos for your “collection”:

A Moveable Feast: Through the Dark Woods; in a cabinet at the hunting lodge.

Pinned Beauty: A Nightmare Hunt; Bryant Overlook, in the trunk of the car.

My Plastic Perfect Girl: School Days; in the freezer in Wonderland Burg

Memories Undeveloped: After Hours Shopping; in the hamster cage at The Family Pet.

A Broken Ward: Through the Dark Woods; in a dresser at the hunting lodge

Synthetic Femur: Exploring Downtown; in a copy machine.

Finding UFOs

Searching locations

Like you thought there weren’t any UFO? There’s 13 of them – Fox Mulder would have gone ape! Find them all, take a picture (‘cause it lasts longer) and you can unlock the UFO ending. And seeing it is real enough to make 3D laughable. Here’s where you can find a few of them — the rest is up to you:

In the boathouse, through a hole in the roof

In the storm drain/sewer, right of the exit ladder

On top of a roof after you leave the Cat house

On the statue, in the courtyard at Midwich High

Vacation Cabin


The Vacation Cabin is just what jangled nerves need…providing you want to see those nerves outside of your body dangling like giblets….

The frozen man and woman sitting at the table aren’t taking a Margarita break — they’re out of it. But you’re not so listen to the clue on the voicemail that will help you get the h*** out of there!

Each of the four keys on that toy piano on the couch plays a different animal sound – learn the color associated wit the sound and use it to play what the echo message told you. Done right, you’ll find a way to melt the ice so you can clear out. Hint: the duck is “green” but not in an electricity-kind of way.